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Home » Press Releases » Hometown Musik Entertainment proudly announces “My Lover” featuring “Bolu Ajibade”, the lead single to their latest album “A King’s Queen”

Hometown Musik Entertainment proudly announces “My Lover” featuring “Bolu Ajibade”, the lead single to their latest album “A King’s Queen”

May 24, 2021 – Hometown Musik Entertainment is a record label and recording studio which is known for aspiring talented artists go after their passion for music by relying on the confidence, guidance, and mentorship of an experienced team of experts; exploring genres that are only just making it to limelight, proudly announces the release of “My lover”, a lead single. This is a song from 2’izzy’s album “A King’s Queen”; an 11-track project available on all Music platforms.

“The aim of making this melody was influenced by my adoration for Afrobeats; African-style music. As an artist, your sound continues to change, some can call it growth because you develop an interest in experimenting with various sounds and styles of music”

“Working on this album brings me back to my African Roots infused with various influences I get from other Artistes I listen to or work with. It’s one thing to do a song but collaborations for me really bring out the true beauty in music; the combination of different elements, styles, and totally different vibes all in one song”.

Some of the instruments included in the Album; Piano, Bass guitar, Chinese Guzheng (Zither), Drums (electronic), Synthesizers, Strings, Acoustic Guitar, Flute, Trumpets, Saxophone, Xylophones.

“This song “My Lover” was recorded 2 years ago as a free-form of music; freestyle, and I was always an aficionado of Bolu Ajibade’s music. We finally got the chance to work on a song together and the actual process of making this song was all completed in a day, though we never released it. I recorded the freestyle sketch of the song and sent the demo to Bolu Ajibade, he recorded his parts to the song and also sent it back the same day under a few hours.”

This is a song about a guy looking for the right lover, but now she has two contenders for her love.

The main characters in this song:

– Angelina (female)
– 2’izzy (male)
– Bolu Ajibade (male)

“2’izzy teases the girl with questions regarding all the things that he is willing to do for her, while Bolu Ajibade is also fighting for her attention as well. The perfect song for a powerful love triangle.

Signed to Hometown Musik Entertainment (Record Label)
Instagram: 2izzy_dbs

Signed to Twenty Eight Entertainment
Instagram: @twentyeightent

Bolu Ajibade: @officialboluaji

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Company Name: Hometown Musik Entertainment
Contact Person: Presley Isaiah
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Phone: 1 (917)-397-4585
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