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How Former Theater Actress Chloe Tucker Revolutionized the New York Real Estate Industry

How Former Theater Actress Chloe Tucker Revolutionized the New York Real Estate Industry

Life rarely turns out the way we plan it. We could be on an uphill trip, thinking our dreams are waiting on the other side to discover that the tracks take us in a different direction, but that does not mean that the journey ends there. Chloe Tucker is now a venerable name in the real estate space in New York, and one would have to imagine she has been thriving in the industry for years. However, most people find themselves surprised to discover that she initially started in theater.

Originally from Los Angeles, Chloe had already established herself as a versatile performer. One of her most prominent roles saw her starring as Sophie in Mamma Mia! along with several off-Broadway projects. For some time, Chloe traveled around the country to perform and eventually settled in New York City in 2012. The actress set off to continue her onstage career, but the concrete jungle proved to be unforgiving. The change of scenery was different, and Chloe slowly lost her passion for acting on stage.

Instead, the actress started developing an interest in real estate. She gradually shifted her career, trading table reads for multi-million dollar house showings, which surprised many people in her life, except for her mother. For the past decade, Chloe’s mother, an overly successful self-made fashion forecaster,  had been trying to convince her to take on the industry, and she was glad to hear that Chloe finally took on her advice. 

Since taking on a new venture, Chloe Tucker has taken the industry by storm. Those who have had the chance to work with her have reaped the financial rewards. From buying to selling to working on new development projects, Chloe has revolutionized the real estate space with her background in the arts and expertise in media production. Chloe has started a real estate YouTube series called Chloe in Manhattan, featuring weekly episodes of her trials and tribulations as a New York City real estate agent navigating her career. The series takes her audience to visit some of the city’s finest properties, neighborhood must-try, and tips and tricks to navigating all things New York Real Estate and lifestyle. A year into real estate, Chloe Tucker has completed over 150 transactions and earned the honor of joining the top Real Estate and media team, Serhant, where she is a real estate advisor and media marketing specialist. Since then, the former theater actress has developed a reputation in the industry for delivering unparalleled results and bringing real estate into the twenty-first century. 

Shifting to real estate has been one of the highlights of Chloe’s career as it allowed her to forge her own path on her terms.

“I love having full control of my destiny and being in a business where you get out what you put in,” she shared enthusiastically, “I still get to be super creative and use my artistic background, and I love working my butt off for my clients, so real estate (for me) is incredibly fulfilling.”

Chloe likens homes to little movies that carry a theme, heartbeat, and reason, giving it sentimental value. As an advisor, she digs deep into those qualities and utilizes her theater background to translate them into her content, generating massive sales. 

Chloe Tucker attributes her success to believing in her skill sets and talents, regardless of the opportunities that were being presented. “I have seen just how incredible life can be when you really take a step back and get out of your own way. Ryan Serhant, who I work with now and massively look up to says that the most successful people are good at taking criticism and adjust accordingly. Instead of getting mad or resentful about Broadway not calling me back, I just tried a different phone number, and this one never stops calling!” Chloe believes the key is being open minded and not pigeonholing yourself into one idea of what a career path should look like. Chloe was invited to work for Serhant after longtime Serhant associate Amy Herman discovered her Youtube content. She also foresees opportunities to start a Million Dollar Listing-type show.

“I think it would be interesting to see someone from the very beginning of their career. It’s a lot different than already being established,” Chloe shared, “This is the best industry in the world, and I am so excited to see what comes next from all this.”

Join Chloe Tucker’s real estate ventures by following her on Instagram and watching her on YouTube.

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