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Jerra Kaitlynn Whittaker Prepares for New York Fashion Week Comeback, Embraces Acceptance to Global Female Community

Jerra Kaitlynn Whittaker Prepares for New York Fashion Week Comeback, Embraces Acceptance to Global Female Community

People often say a modeling career is short-lived, having witnessed many successful faces who reached the pinnacle in their youth and gradually vanished before everyone’s eyes. But Jerra Kaitlynn Whittaker proves that age is just a number. At forty-nine, she is still gracing photoshoots and showcasing her modeling talent to the world. As she enthusiastically looks forward to her return at the New York Fashion Week this September, Kaitlynn also welcomes the embrace of a global community, the International Society of Professional Women. 

Jerra Kaitlynn Whittaker is returning to the fashion scene with Trans*ClothingCompany(TCC), headed by the iconic designer Melissa Kay Atkinson. Besides modeling for the designer’s creations, Jerra also serves as a model coordinator for Melissa, where she arranges for housing, promotion, and training for TCC’s models. Working closely with such talent has broadened her perspective as she eyes for greater things beyond her horizon.

Furthermore, Jerra Kaitlynn Whittaker took on a bigger challenge when she launched her business last year. Juggling her modeling career with managing a business was not a walk in the park. But Jerra cemented the ideology that women are indeed capable of anything if they put their minds to it. Over the past year, the model has served as a driver in her own company, Whittaker Express Transportation, while simultaneously overseeing and ensuring that her business provides opportunities for others who are struggling because of the pandemic.

Jerra Kaitlynn Whittaker led Whittaker Express Transportation through the trying times and continually maintained the company’s operations, knowing that others’ livelihoods are on the line. Her company has been pivotal in delivering food, medical supplies, and pandemic relief supplies to different areas in her community.

Being welcomed into the International Society of Professional Women this year has been one of the most significant milestones of Jerra Kaitlynn Whittaker’s life. The organization is dedicated to connecting, supporting, and empowering like-minded professional women who are making great strides in their respective industries and are making significant impacts for others across the globe. Working so hard over the years, she feels that being accepted into such a prestigious community highlights how dedicated she is in her modeling career and entrepreneurial ventures. 

Backed by her unparalleled work ethic, Jerra Kaitlynn Whittaker managed to grow both her fashion career and her company, defying all odds that came her way. The pandemic has dramatically affected the fashion industry, yet Jerra scaled her life as a model and is continually making a difference in the field. “I am motivated to build my band to provide opportunities for transgender and transsexual people to experience the professional fashion industry. I want that visibility to show the public we are just like any other cross-section of society,” shared Jerra.

Jerra Kaitlynn Whittaker has graced global media platforms, including New York Weekly, QP Fashion Magazine, and CIE Fashion Magazine. She is currently negotiating to close a partnership with a Fortune 500 company to officially supply transportation for a special startup project. 

To learn more about Jerra Kaitlyn Whittaker, visit her website.

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