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LUXEMBOURG CITY, LUXEMBOURG – May 24, 2021 – HERA UK (Her Equality Rights and Autonomy) to empower survivors of modern slavery and exploitation. As part of this announcement, will leverage its expertise in media diplomacy for social impact in Luxembourg to help HERA UK raise awareness for modern slavery to prevent its proliferation and support those who endured such injustices.

“Working hand in hand with HERA, we are committed to raising awareness for this important cause,” remarked Dr. Vassilia Orfanou, Founder of “To date, over 345 women who are survivors of modern slavery and exploitation have received training and mentoring to pursue their interests and find successful professional work with HERA UK. We are excited to raise awareness about the HERA’s UK efforts aiming to help survivors to achieve success and overcome the harms of their pasts for a promising future,” she added.

HERA UK is a leading non-profit tackling the challenges of modern slavery. The organization operates across Europe and employs a professional team to assist at-risk women in becoming economically independent. To date, HERA has funded over 316 ventures and created over 560 jobs for survivors of modern slavery, inflicting a real impact on women and communities far and wide. To accomplish such success, HERA UK has partnered with organizations like, and other business and academic mentors, to transform the experiences of survivors through business and development training programs, and by creating worldwide awareness. looks forward to the future benefits of this partnership. The Institute has previously supported similar issues of slavery, human trafficking, and abuse across the world, and emerged as a leader in public awareness efforts alongside IGOs, NGOs, law enforcement agencies, research institutions, and start-ups in the fight.

Visit HERA UK on social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

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