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Musaib Malik, 18 Year-Old Boy Changing Lives With His Book

Musaib Malik, 18 Year-Old Boy Changing Lives With His Book

Despite the conflict and turmoil, Musaib Malik, an 18 year old boy from Kashmir is spreading peace and positivity with his debut self-help book.

Musaib Malik is an 18-year-old boy from Jammu and Kashmir, India realised his first self-help book to help people fight internal conflict by teaching them the peace building techniques. The young author has be working on the book form 3 years and finally published the book in 2021.

The book, “Civilized Terrorist” further targets the prevailing social issues and injustice. The whole book is written in a manner that it is easy to read and will have a positive impact over once life.

Musaib Malik has been motivated to serve humanity from the early teenage, he has been initiating measures to help people since he was sixteen years old. He has successfully conducted multiple awareness events, drives, and engaged a huge number of people in volunteer work.

Musaib Malik along with the two friends worked on a startup, Pouzz – the social network, back in 2019. The main idea of the project was to provide an alternative social network to Jammu and Kashmir that will function during the internet throttling that is often witnessed in the valley. The idea had to be modified multiple times and was finally launched in 2020. But the startup terribly failed due to the inability to secure funding.

Musaib Malik is presently the founder and host of a podcast, Sets of Change. The podcast has listeners from every part of the world and ranked 45th in top 100 podcast in India. The podcast has inspired many people and is changing lives.

Musaib Malik is also the founder of the volunteer group Cashmere Foundation, and a member of multiple national and international non-profit organisations. He is currently volunteering at United Nation.

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