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The rise of low-cost psychotherapy online platforms. While a therapy session in the US averages $250, Terapia Mia’s psychologist fees start at $24 per session.

Over the years, psychotherapy went from that ‘thing’ a few people had to turn to when they needed to be medicated due to a presumed mental disorder, to a must for anyone struggling with either personal or professional problems in their lives.

With the coming of the COVID-19 pandemic, need for therapy increased dramatically. An emotional distress hotline operated by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration saw an increase in inquiries of more than 1,000% compared with the same period in 2019.

At Mid-Atlantic Behavioral Health, a network of outpatient mental health-care centers in Delaware, existing patients attended more appointments than ever between March and June.
“We’ve seen our highest percentage of held appointments ever in the history of our business,” says Traci Bolander, PsyD, Mid-Atlantic’s practice director.

With an increasing demand for clinicians and licensed professionals and the need for people to stay home with their families, online therapy platforms have arised. But what is online therapy, and how is it different to what we know today?

“An online psychotherapy platform can be many things”, says a spokesman for the company Terapia Mia. “For us, it’s just a way of giving people the chance to fight for their happiness and wellbeing, at a price they can afford”. And continues, “In the US, people pay on average $250 for 1 hour of counseling. With that same money, they can stay in treatment for at least 2 months with any of our $24 licensed therapists, who have the same experience and training as any american licensed therapist, but live in a different country”.

The company accepts psychotherapists from all around the world, but has a rigorous admission process. Their acceptance rate is between 7% and 12%, and to be admitted applicants have to be licenced in the country they live and see their patients from, have a proven clinical record, and to go through several interviews before they get admitted, being the last one of them with the company’s CEO.

“We pride ourselves to be very thorough in the admission process. Once a therapist is accepted, he is published on Terapia Mia’s website ( and people can see their profile and select him or her as their therapist. If after the first session they’re not happy with their choice, they can always switch to another therapist. And that flexibility is why we have one of the highest retention rates of the market: people that start a treatment with us, stay in treatment for at least 6 months as they don’t have the need to seek help elsewhere.”

Even though they have english speaking therapists, Terapia Mia is now the go-to platform for hispanic communities, as all of their professionals speak spanish as their first language.

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