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Web in Motion helping business redesign their website and boost revenue

Websites need periodical updates in graphic designs, contents, and maintenance to improve functionalities, aesthetics, and marketing performance.

Business owners may not always be aware of their website needs, but constant updates and changes can be crucial for optimal results in attracting customers, improving purchases and brand image. Even if the current website is functioning well, it will need some adjustments or maintenance labor after some time.

The most common motives to redesign a website may vary depending on the business’s needs and marketing goals. Here are five of them: 

1. Look makeover 

Ideally, websites grow through time. If this is the case, most websites will need to implement new brand guides for overall design after a few years. For this step, website managers will decide color palettes, font types, hierarchies, button styles, iconography, graphics, etc. 

2. Traffic increase 

If traffic improvement is the primary goal, websites need to optimize their traffic for searches. A standard method for this is adding a blog section as a part of its content strategy. Websites with blog sections have 434% more chances of higher ranking on Google searches.

3. Improving sales numbers 

Some websites have good traffic numbers but are still short in transforming visitors into customers. A website redesign may help in this conversion strategy because website managers will try to express the brand’s identity and audience goals in the new design. 

4. Improving user experience 

When website traffic goes up, managers will need to add new functionalities to supply the new visitors and marketing teams’ needs and expectations. For example, some possible upgrades may include a live chat or content in multiple languages. 

5. Optimizing website’s mobile versions 

Searches from mobile devices represent more than 58% of the organic visits from search engines. Due to this volume, search engines have built their experiences around the mobile interface. This is why all websites must work to create an optimal mobile version. 

How often is it optimal to redesign a website? 

Each website is unique, and time limits may vary depending on the business’s marketing and sales goals and needs. Nevertheless, the average website has a limited “shelf” life in which it looks new, functional, and convenient for users. For most websites, this shelf life can fluctuate between 18 months to two and a half years. 

How much does it cost to redesign a website?

Redesign fees depend on multiple factors, but the most determining one is who will do the update? For instance, if the redesign is done by the business owner or someone within the team, it could cost between nothing, up to USD 300. Typical fees for third party hirings depend on prices per hour or how much intervention is needed: 

• Freelance professional: 500 to 5,000 USD.

• Website design agency: 3,000 to 100,000 USD. 

These prices also vary for different types of websites, depending on their size (amount of pages or sections) or if they include e-commerce functionalities. For example: 

• Info-only or small business websites (8 to 16 pages): between $2.000 and USD 9.000.

• Corporate website (25 to 75 pages): between $10.000 and USD 35.000.

• E-commerce website (100 to 1.000 items): between $5.000 and USD 55.000.

Website redesign checklist

Before deciding to redesign a website, business owners may want to be clear on their goals and current status. These are some steps to follow before doing a redesign: 

1. Are the reasons to redesign clear? 

Many owners believe that they want their website to look prettier or improved, but their ultimate goal is to generate more traffic, for instance. So that would be the fundamental goal for the redesign.

2. The current website must be evaluated. 

This evaluation helps define what is to stay the same, change, or be added. 

3. Are target audiences defined or updated?

Who is this website speaking to? Target audiences must be precise so that the design is done around their interests, needs, and preferences.

What about website maintenance costs? 

Periodical website maintenance is also crucial to all websites. Great design is not enough to support a well-functioning website. This is why all website managers must have a maintenance budget that covers yearly and monthly costs. These are some of the leading maintenance costs expected to be attended for all websites (as usual, these fees depend on the website size and functionalities).

1. Domain registration (estimated website maintenance cost: 10 to 20 USD per year).

2. Website hosting (estimated website maintenance cost: 2 to 500 USD per month).

3. Design updates (estimated website maintenance cost: 0 to 1,600 USD per month).

4. Tech support and Security (estimated website maintenance cost: 0 to 3,000 USD per month).

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