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Award-Winning Soul Singer Paul Bailey Announces New Single “I Want U”

Bailey’s new single is the next of his soulful, showstopping hits, and drops on June 22, 2021.

Singer Paul Bailey has just announced his new upcoming single, “I Want U,” a soulful and energetic song that will have listeners immersed in the music. Paul Bailey has often been compared to Ron Isley of Isley Brothers fame, and his beautiful, tear-jerking renditions and 5-octave range have wowed fans since the 1980s. His new single will be released in both original and club mix versions, giving listeners a chance to enjoy the melody in multiple ways. 

Paul Bailey is a self-taught singer, songwriter, and producer from Montreal, Canada. He has loved music ever since he took his first music class in grade school, and his principal was so impressed by his musical sense that she encouraged him to continue. Motown and Muscle Shoals were some of his early influences, and that inspiration continues to show in his music today. Throughout his career, he has worked with greats like the Stone City Band and DJ Robby Demlakian. His songs have been featured in movies and TV shows such as Colors, and BET Originals.

Bailey has been releasing music since 1989 and released his latest EP “Oldschool Jams Volume 1 EP” in 2021. He received the Demo Clip award from Music Plus Music Video Channel for his song “Desire” with his new group Scandalous. He has also released his music worldwide, with songs available across Europe and Asia. He is a man on a mission to bring his soul to the world.

P Bailey’s songs, including originals and mixes in different styles, are available on Soundcloud, Spotify, and Youtube. His soulful renditions and energetic beats are capturing hearts and souls worldwide, and he continues to impress fans with his new releases. 

More information on P Bailey and his music can be found on the P Bailey website, as well as the Soundcloud pages for the “I Want U” single and club mix.

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