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Car Buyers Get the Best Deal on Car Loans

Car Buyers Get the Best Deal on Car Loans

According to reports from the automotive industry, Americans purchased more than 17 million vehicles last year. That figure showed a bit of a decline due to economic hardships and other factors stemming from the coronavirus pandemic. Prior years saw much higher volumes of vehicle sales, and analysts expect the numbers to rebound or even exceed previous highs during the years to come. While quite a few people are looking to purchase a car, truck, or SUV right now, many are leery of taking on additional monthly expenses. Getting the best possible deal on a car loan can help mitigate the cost in many ways, though.

Combating the Overall Costs of a Car Loan

If you’re thinking about purchasing a vehicle, it’s important to look at the factors involved in the overall cost. Take those into account when deciding whether you can afford to buy a vehicle and how it will affect your budget moving forward. Financial institutions like WECU can be an effective ally for potential car buyers. At the same time, taking the following steps before signing on the dotted line will go a long way toward helping you reduce your vehicle-related expenses on both a monthly and long-term basis.

Know Your Credit Score

Your credit score and borrowing history will partially determine whether you’re eligible to acquire a car loan. If lenders deem you qualified for a loan, your credit score will also affect your interest rates. Those with higher credit scores generally receive more favorable interest rates whereas borrowers with lower credit scores typically pay higher interest. If your credit score is on the lower end of the spectrum, consider taking measures to raise it before seeking a vehicle loan. Doing so will get you better interest rates and reduce your total costs in the long run.

Understand How Much You Can Borrow

If you know your credit score before shopping for a vehicle, you can potentially get pre-approved for a loan. Pre-approval from lenders like those at offers numerous benefits. For one, it lets you know just how much you can spend on a vehicle, so you don’t waste time looking at cars you may not be able to buy.

At the same time, understanding how much money you can borrow and which interest rates you qualify for will empower you to plan ahead for the monthly payments. You can set aside the amount of money you’d potentially be allotting to a car payment for a couple months to make sure it won’t cause undue financial stress once you actually purchase the vehicle. It’ll also give you a chance to shop around among dealerships to find out which ones offer the best prices on the vehicles you’re interested in. 

Find the Right Lender

Finding the right lender to meet your needs is essential. Institutions like offer a range of automotive loan and financing options. They also have solid business relationships with dealerships and other members of the financial and automotive industries, so they can get you better deals on loans than you might find otherwise. 

All Things Considered

Purchasing a vehicle certainly comes with certain expenses. Basic monthly payments, interest, financing and dealership fees, and insurance coverage are a few of the most significant. Annual taxes, routine maintenance, and repairs factor into the equation as well. Knowing your credit score and how much you’re able to borrow and finding the right lender to meet your needs will help make those costs more manageable.

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