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How Bruce Webb Went From Being Evicted To Making 6 Figures

How Bruce Webb Went From Being Evicted To Making 6 Figures

A few years ago, Bruce Webb was just an average hard-working American. He worked a 9 to 5 job but barely made enough in wages to pay all the bills. To make things even worse, in November 2016, Bruce received an eviction notice just before the holiday season. 

Bruce figured it out quickly after that. If he was going to make it in this world, a regular 9 to 5 job wasn’t going to get him anywhere. He needed a new plan and one that would pay. While placing together a budget, Bruce realized that his day job wasn’t going to get him out of debt anytime soon.

That’s when Bruce came across a new idea that would change his financial situation.

Taking Control Of Financial Situations

Bruce refused to be one of those people who complained about lack of opportunity getting in the way of his financial dreams. He knew if he wanted the opportunity to make more money, he was going to have to create it. In January 2017, Bruce was sitting on his mother’s couch going over his finances. At his day job, he was only pulling in $6,000. 

That was not going to cut it. After doing some research about trading, Bruce took a keen interest in it. He decided to work out a scalping strategy that he knew would be successful. Actually, Bruce was so confident about his strategy that he quit his job on January 10, 2017.

While some may say this was a very risky choice, Bruce wouldn’t have taken the risk if he didn’t believe the reward was worth it. It didn’t take him long to prove his doubters wrong either, by the end of January 2017 Bruce already made $17,000.

This wasn’t just beginners’ luck either, the following month he brought in $28,000. In his first year in trading, he made over $250,000 proving that his strategy is effective.

Sharing Knowledge

Bruce wanted to share the wealth, and the best way to do that is by teaching students so they can learn the skills to become wealthy traders. He offers a diamond package strategy to students on his website and has helped over 5,000 students learn the ropes of trading.

To keep interested traders in the loop, they can subscribe to his telegram channel where he gets into detail about the exact prices of trades and when users should enter and stop. This channel is set up to help users place a trade to make profits.

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For daily updates, follow his Instagram @brucewebb.jr.

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