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Most Valuable Domain name Of 2021 Is About To be Sold – Secret Celebrity Owner’s Identity Revealed

Salt Lake City – May 25, 2021 – The most sought-after premium domain of 2021 is going up for sale for the first time ever and the identity of its secret owner has been revealed.

For the first time since the birth of the internet, the premium domain name, is available for acquisition, and Covid-19 is the reason. (A detailed video about the value of the domain can be viewed at

The global pandemic did things to the global economy that will ripple for decades, in some cases, forever. Few industries were more favorably impacted than the home fitness industry. Hundreds of millions of people from every civilized country in the world did something most had not done prior to the pandemic- they purchased workout equipment for their home. That single decision made by millions of people simultaneously, resulted in record-smashing sales for every brand of fitness equipment on earth, while simultaneously decimating the traditional public gym industry.

Fitness companies of all types from equipment manufacturers to retailers, from workout video producers to supplement companies, from fitness apparel brands to fitness apps and tech companies, all elevated rapidly to revenue levels not ever seen before.

Amazon, Peloton, Walmart and every other established e-commerce and brick-and-mortar brand in existence are forever changed by the tsunami of orders that flooded them all.

This historic multi-billion dollar cash infusion to a single industry, has caused one premium domain name- to be taken out of a virtual vault where it has been hidden away since 1999, and made available for the first, and very likely the last, time ever.

What makes this story even more incredible, is who the secret owner of this rare domain is. With most premium domain names now owned or controlled by the world’s largest corporations or the world’s wealthiest, speculation has run wild for years as to who the secret owner is of

All of the ownership speculation ended today when tv personality Troy Dunn – known to millions of TV fans as “The Locator”- admitted to being the mystery owner of, and several other undisclosed premium domain names. Dunn, who acquired the domain twenty two years ago, also explained why he has kept his identity secret all of these years. “I’ve not spoken about my domain portfolio publicly, as I was worried it would distract from the important work we do in reuniting long lost family members. I’m no domain expert by any stretch of the imagination, so there was simply no value in coming forward as the owner of these domains.”

While domain industry insiders predict the domain will be sold in the seven figure price range, and acquired by one of the major fitness industry brands such as Peleton, Echelon, Amazon, Walmart, Nautilus or any of the myriad of others. Dunn disagrees. “I believe the next owner of will either be a well-funded start-up wanting to roar into the home fitness space with a major interrupt, or is a very wealthy collector of premium domain names who will want to add this rare jewel to his or her collection. Either way, this is the first and likely last time will be sold.”

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