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Redefining Comfort and Forwarding Sustainability: Fashion Brand XIVI Makes Its Mark amid Pandemic

Redefining Comfort and Forwarding Sustainability: Fashion Brand XIVI Makes Its Mark amid Pandemic

From transportation, dining to fashion, industry leaders have presented many ways to live in the “new normal”. XIVI, launched at the height of quarantine and the pandemic, is reinventing modern fashion with its luxury leisurewear, bearing comfort at its finest.

XIVI was founded by Taylor Rose. The CEO shared that her father, another entrepreneur, inspired the menswear brand. “My dad always wanted to be comfortable. Whether he just left the beach and didn’t have a change of clothes or forgot his coat, he would stop what he was doing and find something to make him more comfortable,” she recalled.

“Not only did my dad inspire my brand, but he is also my hero and someone I have looked up to my entire life. Growing up, I always knew I wanted to launch my own company after watching him work so hard as an entrepreneur. As I got older, my interests pointed to fashion, and I have been so passionate about this career path ever since,” said Taylor. The combination of her father’s needs for comfort and the quarantine was the perfect excuse for a leisurewear brand.

XIVI aims to take business casual to a whole new level. Work culture across various industries has drastically changed over the past year, with millions working from home most of the time. The difference in the environment called for a change in how people dress. Instead of sharp, structured business attires, comfort became an ultimate priority for people to function while working remotely. XIVI offers casual, sleek, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing products—the perfect combination between business and leisure. Just like her father, the young entrepreneur is also taking great strides to reduce global fashion pollution through multiple sustainability efforts. 

XIVI is proudly made locally in Los Angeles and is a sustainable brand. Using fabrics made out of a eucalyptus/cotton blend, the brand offers so many great benefits like being antibacterial. The fashion brand is continually contributing towards decreasing the carbon footprint contributed by the fashion industry through various programs. XIVI has created a recycling program where customers can send back worn clothing. The company will then send them to programs such as Good360 and Career Gear to help young men in need of clothes. Furthermore; to encourage customers to participate in the recycling movement, XIVI offers an incentive based on the quantity and quality of items they bring in. 

Additionally, XIVI has partnered with Noissue to create innovative and environment-friendly, 100% recyclable, and compostable packaging and gift wrapping, including mailers, tissue papers, stickers, thank you cards, and more. Taking the partnership a step further, the fashion brand also committed to having a tree planted for every item purchased from their line. Wearing XIVI is not only a fashion statement but a reflection of one’s support towards a more significant environmental movement.

In five years, the fashion company plans to continually offer its versatile clothing, comfortable and unique designs for men. XIVI hopes to launch a women’s line while expansion to larger markets in mind as well. XIVI is grounded on the mission to make anyone look and feel good at all times without compromising style and luxury. 

To learn more about XIVI, visit its website.

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