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Tiffany Packard, Sales Director and Realtor at Miloff Aubuchon Realty Group: Rock Bottom is the Best Place to Start

Tiffany Packard, Sales Director and Realtor at Miloff Aubuchon Realty Group: Rock Bottom is the Best Place to Start
Tiffany Packard is a leader in her industry. Director of Sales at Miloff Aubuchon Realty Group and one of the top real estate agents in Southwest Florida, Tiffany has made a name for herself over the last 10 years. Today, she is passionate about providing others with the same opportunities, resources, and support that were her saving grace in the midst of her darkest hour.

Shortly after moving here, Southwest Florida experienced what Tiffany describes as the “perfect storm.” Within a few short years, the economy crashed, foreclosures skyrocketed, the real estate industry faced a debilitating drywall issue, the BP oil spill decimated the wildlife and threatened the beautiful sugar sandy beaches and multiple hurricanes wreaked havoc on the gulf coast of FL. By 2008, Tiffany was unemployed, alone, and heading down a dark road. Tiffany spiraled out of control and turned to debilitating and dangerous coping mechanisms and lost everything – she hit rock bottom. However, Tiffany says would not change this experience even if she could as it served as the driving force in her journey to success.

“Had I not reached that low, I would have had no desire to better myself,” she explains.

Today, Tiffany has been an active member of recovery for over 12 years. After embarking on her journey in recovery in 2008, Tiffany found a job waiting tables at a local restaurant which provided her just enough to get on her feet but perhaps most importantly – exposure to the real estate industry and those within it. When a customer suggested she obtain her real estate license, Tiffany initially scoffed at the idea, but, having nothing to lose, she decided to give it a try. Not long after, she met Jeff Miloff, and everything changed.

Jeff Miloff, the co-founder of Miloff Aubuchon Realty Group, took her under his wing and taught her all he knew from his 30 years’ experience about real estate. She worked as his assistant for several years, learning the market, honing her skills and absorbing all she could.

Tiffany credits the success she’s experienced over the last 8 years to his mentorship, “There is just so much to learn and understand, if you don’t have someone to guide you through the process it can be extremely discouraging, some things can seem insurmountable.”

Jeff and Gary, the founders of Miloff Aubuchon Realty Group, built their business with a clear focus on integrity, hard work, perseverance, authenticity and service to others. These values mirror the principles of recovery, and continue to influence Tiffany’s actions each day. Miloff Aubuchon Realty Group has positioned themselves as the one-stop-shop for all things real estate. They offer new construction custom home building, general real estate sales, property management, an interior design firm, title company, and insurance agency all under one central roof.

“The idea is that when you have any real estate related needs you instantly think – I should call Tiffany at Miloff Aubuchon Realty.”

Over the years, Tiffany has risen the ranks of the company. She presently holds the title of Director of Sales and pioneered the opening of a second location in Fort Myers 2 years ago. Today, she strives to be a source of hope for others who may be in similar life circumstances that she was once in.

“After starting recovery, and beginning my career with Miloff Aubuchon Realty Group, I realized that financial security was obtainable and that the glass ceiling only existed in my mind.  Helping customers build, buy and sell real estate is my calling! Helping struggling people to find their financial freedom in the face of adversity is my passion! I’m guided every day by the principles of recovery and I can only hope to help others discover this for themselves.”

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