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Boomi Reveals Secret About Instant Coffee

Boomi Reveals Secret About Instant Coffee
A manufacturer of instant coffee, Boomi Coffee, has recently disclosed to the public the differences between instant coffees.

Sandy Springs, GA – May 25, 2021 – The Boomi Coffee company announces why many instant coffees don’t taste as good as fresh-brewed coffee.

The Bean Itself

There are two kinds of beans used to make coffee in the world today: arabica and robusto. What’s the difference between the two beans? Taste.

Robusto beans have a harsher, stronger, and more bitter taste. The best arabica beans used by BoomiCoffee have a softer, smoother flavor.  So if they don’t taste as good, why would companies use robusto beans to make instant coffee?  Because they are so much cheaper to produce.  

Why Robusto Beans are Cheaper to Produce

Robusto beans can be grown at lower elevations so that they can be grown in many places. Robusto beans produce a crop much more quickly than arabica beans, so more crops can be harvested. Robusto beans are usually picked by automatic picking machines that strip the entire branch, which cuts out the expensive hand-picking.

Robusto beans can stand up to adverse weather conditions. This is why many instant coffee manufacturers will use robusto beans or will blend arabica with robusto beans resulting in instant coffee that has poor flavor.

On the other hand, the best place to grow arabica coffee is in the remote, high elevations of the Araku Valley of the mountains in India.  When grown and processed under the strict procedures of the Boomi Coffee company, these arabica Araku beans have an excellent fresh-brewed taste that is smooth and fruity and leaves a wonderful aftertaste.

About Boomi Coffee

Boomi Coffee is an international coffee manufacturer with its corporate offices in Atlanta, GA. The company prides itself on the quality Araku arabica coffee beans used to produce their instant coffee. They never use blends or any fillers in their instant coffees.

Media Contact
Company Name: Boomi Beverages Inc.
Contact Person: Rao Undavali
Email: Send Email
Phone: 325 899 2567
Address:7595 GLISTEN AVE
City: Sandy Springs
State: GA
Country: United States