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Dreamback Chain – GGOOUMEX Exchange officially launched on June 7

In order to give back to the GGOOUM investors of Dreamback Chain distributed all over the world, GGOOUMEX official exchange ( is now opening pre-registration activities, From May 18th to June 30th, 10 GOMC tokens will be presented to all registered users. And give 5 GOMC tokens to recommenders.

GGOOUM CHAIN ​​Menghui Eco is a decentralized platform. The headquarter is established in Singapore GGUMTHEC LIMITED, responsible for the development, promotion and operation of Menghui Chain, and assumes all related responsibilities. The GGUMTHEC Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the foundation) is a non-profit organization with a Singapore limited company as its host organization and its registered address in Singapore.

The foundation is responsible for the construction, promotion, and operation of the entire Menghui Chain open community. The main purpose of the Menghui Chain open community is to attract and serve technical developers and institutions, and continuously optimize and upgrade the entire ecology of GGOOUM CHAIN, including development tools and applications.

GGOOUMEX Exchange is a cross-chain decentralized asset management platform that can meet the hedging needs of various tail extreme risks in the encrypted asset industry and provide guarantee services for various encrypted digital asset scenarios.

The cold and hot wallet technology is developed by the world’s top security team. It supports the purchase of coins, spot and various derivatives transactions, chain wallets, mining pools, etc., and is your personal steward into the world of encrypted assets.

GOMC DEFI is an intelligent protocol based on decentralized pledge mining released by GGOOUM Dreamback Chain, which supports users to obtain greater benefits by pledged encrypted digital currency to participate in mining.

At present, GGOOUM Dreamback Chain has developed stable coins (GOMC), lending (GOMC DIFI), decentralized exchanges (GGOOUMEX), derivatives (mining machines), distributed finance, prediction markets, insurance, payment platforms, etc. With multiple models, I believe that in the future, under the new financial order created by GGOOUM Dreamback Chain, more revolutions and innovations beyond imagination will appear.

GOMC tokens will be your most anticipated value. GGOOUM dreams of digital media, chain creates the future!

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