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Easy Translation Everywhere: Timekettle M2 Translator Earbuds

What if people’s earbuds could automatically translate conversations? The Timekettle M2 Language Translator Earbuds are built to do just that. For both online and offline translations, simply pair with the mobile app. People are not interrupted when phones or another translation system talks out loud when people use earbuds.

The Timekettle earbuds operate on Wi-Fi, cellular data, and offline. There are three localization modes to make the earbuds even more useful:

Touch: Toggle voice recognition by tapping the earbuds.

Listen – Take notes on group discussions using your computer.

Speaker – In a two-person conversation, each participant wears one earbud that switches from one language to the other.

The Timekettle M2 Language Translator Earbuds have a similar appearance and size to Apple AirPods. The translator must be paired with the Timekettle app. Users can download Timekettle by scanning the QR code in the user guide or simply searching for it in preferred app store.

The sound quality of the Timekettle M2 Language Translator Earbuds is amazing. Music also sounds fantastic, even though the recording isn’t of the highest quality or noise-cancelling. The sound is loud and crisp with no interference. It’s also extremely simple to answer the phone. I’ve used earbuds before where the call would fade in and out or there would be static, but these sounded fantastic. The person who made the call was also taken aback by how straightforward people sounded.

These earbuds are the ideal companion if people have a friend who speaks a foreign language, need translations in a class or in a group, want to travel the world, or even just learn another language. People just need to bring the smartphone and the earbuds, which fit in a compact, portable charging case, so they act as regular earbuds.



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