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How To Select A Patio Umbrella Light

Picture this setting, family or friends sitting outside around the patio table in a yard, relaxing, and enjoying a perfect day.  It is the one time to leave work behind and relish in the pleasant moments.  But it can be hard to keep the summer vibe going once the sun goes down.  As the evening cools, sitting outside in the dark is not exactly an idea of a great time, right?

There are many ideas to keep the good times rolling even after the sun goes down, now might be an ideal time to consider searching for the best umbrella lights to brighten up a backyard patio:

Umbrella lights are an inexpensive solution that eliminates the need for expensive stand alone lamps or wall scones.  And, umbrella lights bring illumination to the dark patio table and outdoor space.  There are many outdoor umbrella lights, including LED umbrella lights, on the market and finding the best one can be daunting.  At Brilliant Evolution, lighting your patio table is easy with the battery-operated LED umbrella light with remote. 

The most popular battery-operated patio umbrella light is one that simply clips onto the umbrella pole.  This makes it easy to use and easy to store.  Brilliant Evolution’s most popular patio umbrella light has 5 star reviews and uses 3 AA batteries (not included) and also comes with a remote that has a timer and dimming features.  For installation, no tools are needed, it simply clamps onto the umbrella pole.  It automatically adjusts to any umbrella pole width without additional maneuvering. 

Brilliant Evolution’s LED umbrella light is 75 lumens which means that it is long-lasting and shines brighter than the competition with a 4000K bright, white glow.  This outdoor patio umbrella light will illuminate any patio table for hours.  The LEDs never need to be replaced in this umbrella light.  There is also a wireless remote control included with the LED umbrella light.  The remote control includes a dimming function, an optional auto off timer and on/off capabilities for convenient control of the LED umbrella light.  The included wireless remote will allow the customer to control up to 12 umbrella lights up to 50 feet away:

Also, Brilliant Evolution’s LED umbrella light has a selectable dimmer and optional auto off timer.  This feature allows the customer to select the desired level of brightness or press the 50% or 100% brightness button on the wireless remote.  Set the umbrella light to turn off with the option timer for 1, 2, 3 or 4 hours to conserve battery life.  This LED umbrella light has a 75 hour run time and operates on 3 AA batteries which are not included.

Best Patio Umbrella Light-Buying Guide

During the months where the weather is warm and the days are long, people always spends more time outdoors, especially on the patio.  In the daytime, customers can fully enjoy the experience but in the evening or late night, customers simply need to have light in order to continue the fun.

Below is a list of several features that the consumer should consider when shopping for an umbrella light: 

Number of LEDs

The number of LEDs will determine the brightness that shines from the umbrella light on any patio table.  An important feature is how bright the light can cast, besides the lumens, it is important to evaluate the LED count, the more LEDs there are and the higher the lumens, the brighter the umbrella light.

While Brilliant Evolution’s LED umbrella light has the brightest light on the market at 75 lumens, there are additional features on the remote that can lessen the brightness to 50% or manually to any desired level of brightness for the LED umbrella light.

Waterproof Rating

Be aware that although the umbrella light is mounted outside with the patio umbrella together, it needs to be stored properly.  Therefore, ensure that the umbrella light in a dry place when not in use so that the LED umbrella light lasts season after season.

Battery Operated Patio Umbrella Lights

Since a patio umbrella light is supposed to be used outdoors, it is not possible to plug it into a power source as typically there is not a nearby outlet.  Instead, the umbrella light will typically use batteries.  The customer should ensure when choosing an umbrella light, like Brilliant Evolution’s, that runs on AA batteries as it will last longer, rather than AAA batteries. 

Warranty Period

Since a patio umbrella light gets used in the outdoors, it has to face a lot of environmental forces like rain and heat.  Hence, it needs to be a highly reliable and durable umbrella light like the one from Brilliant Evolution.  Also, check the warranty as most come with a limited one year warranty.

Remote Control

Because umbrella lights are mounted high on the pole with its built-in clamp, sometimes it is not convenient to turn it on/off or adjust the brightness.  But, if the light can be controlled with a remote this increases the practicality function.  Again, Brilliant Evolution’s LED umbrella light comes with this remote feature.  Therefore, no matter what brightness is desired, the customer simply uses the remote and it’s additional features.


In conclusion, Brilliant Evolution’s LED umbrella light is the best option for any patio umbrella light.  It is bright, easy to mount to any size umbrella pole, it is long lasting and comes with a remote with additional features for the customer:

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