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Liquis Data Center Decommissioning Services Expands Menu Of Tasks

Liquis was founded in 2002 to provide office liquidation and data center decommissioning services globally and nationally. The firm specializes in generator removal, office furniture liquidation, asset recovery and management, and more.

Liquis, Inc and Jeff Searcy are pleased to announce that the company has expanded its data center decommissioning services to become a national leader in turnkey facility decommissioning and liquidation services. Decommissioning a data center comes with some challenges which are not found in a standard facility shutdown or office move. In addition, more events of this type are occurring, whether the client intends to update current equipment or are going into a complete facility closing or relocation. Liquis has the knowledge and experience to make the transition happen as smoothly as possible. 

Consolidating, moving, or decommissioning company-owned data centers is a daunting task with an often complex mix and overlap of responsibility for the many assets involved. All company assets are important, but data protection is more and more critical in the legal and governmental regulations regarding asset and data security. Liquis works with clients to ensure that the needs of all the stakeholders are met while minimizing expenses. 

Additional details are available at https://liquis.com/

Liquis customizes its services to suit the client’s particular needs and to accomplish any specific constraints that may affect the move. The company can manage many varied assets, as well as multiple stakeholders. The employed strategies will depend on the number of assets, the type of assets, and the time constraints present. The expertise of the Liquis team means that the customer can spend their time on core competencies, while the liquidation of data center assets can be left to the professionals. 

The range of services available from Liquis includes equipment appraisal, liquidation, removal of piping, wiring, conduit and cables, cleaning of the facilities, disassembly and rigging, repair or rebuild floors, ceilings and walls, and recycling of items that can’t be sold or repurposed. If the assets are redeployed to other facilities, Liquis can take care of the actions efficiently. 

About the Company: 

Liquis, Inc is an experienced firm that specializes in decommissioning facilities. Its services in the activities related to data centers are growing in number and complexity. The company handles part or all of the decommissioning process.

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