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New Online Store Launches to Represent the Autistic Community

A new online store has just launched that aims to normalize Autism to the wider public. It will sell gifts, merchandise and various fashion items to showcase and champion the rich individuality within the autistic community.

The business was formed due to an increasing hostility towards autistic people. More than 36% of people on the autism spectrum report being bullied at school. The hope is for this store to play a pivotal part in eradicating the alienation and discrimination autistic people face on a daily basis.

Their mantra is “dare to be different” A moving testament to all the autistic people who struggle with being isolated due to their birth condition. The owners believe that just because someone is a little different due to autism, this doesn’t mean that this is wrong or weird. Rather we should celebrate these differences and bring them to the forefront.

The hope is to shift the public narrative away from seeing autism as some kind of negative condition, into something we embrace. A unique part of someone’s personality that makes them who they are. They hope to empower the autistic community to accept themselves, ultimately fueling more acceptance in society as a whole.

By bringing autistic issues to the forefront through stand-out merchandise, the store strives to create more representation for this community. Ultimately leading to increased normalization, less social stigma and a better quality of life for autistic people worldwide.

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