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PasHoff Records LLC Guides Talented Rising Artists Towards the Musical Success of Their Dreams

PasHoff Records LLC Guides Talented Rising Artists Towards the Musical Success of Their Dreams

The music industry is home to record labels that have grown talents to superstars. PasHoff Records LLC is one of these acclaimed record labels, consistently providing guidance to thriving artists so they can conquer the music industry and achieve their dreams of musical grandeur. 

PasHoff Records LLC is a family-owned record label based out of Manalapan, New Jersey. The esteemed company covers all the basics when it comes to recording audio, recording video, mixing, mastering original epic tracks, talent management, as well as being teamed up as a collaborative partner with Sound Royalties. 

The company strives to help artists and labels alike collect financial support for their careers. PasHoff Records LLC prides itself on fostering a positive understanding with every artist. The label makes sure to cater to each individual artist’s needs and goals. With co-owner and manager Ellis Daniel Pascal at the helm of PasHoff Records, the company is sure to have a guiding hand when it comes to financial understanding.

Ellis Daniel Pascal is a tenured expert in the financial services industry, spending six good years of his life within the business. Through his experiences, he has learned how to serve artists to enable them to succeed in introducing a tailor-made contract that fits each artist’s custom demands. 

PasHoff Records is equipped with seasoned experts within the industry. The company’s artist manager Selena is a Ford model out of New York City. She provides her expertise by directly helping each artist in their individual and personalized “PasHoff” artist development process. 

Through its partnership with Sound Royalties, PasHoff Records is able to guide artists and labels to collect financial support if it meets the qualifications that it set. Artists who are looking to be managed on an intimate and personal level will greatly enjoy the services of PasHoff Records. The company fully embodies the principle of following through its actions rather than relying on its words alone. 

PasHoff Records takes action to protect its artists, helping each of them to succeed while having every facet of support along the way. The brand stands by its promise of helping its artists reach their goals and achieve their maximum potential. 

In the near future, PasHoff Records LLC hopes to give back to the community by pushing for its own advocacies. The company is more than just a typical record label. With its owners being mental health advocates, the company has included mental health awareness within its five-year goal. 

PasHoff Records hopes to team up with artists and labels with the same intentions. “We strive to launch a foundation for donations for further research on mental health as well as other disabilities,” said Ellis Daniel Pascal. Fans of music should check out PasHoff Records and its host of talented artists. All their artists’ music is available on streaming platforms for any new fans and old fans to listen to. The company hopes to grow its fanbase as it provides genuine support to talented artists who aim to impact the world in a positive way.

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