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Unobrush™: the oral care revolution

How technology is changing toothbrushing.

It’s easy to see that even the best electric toothbrushes still miss the mark. The most impressive toothbrush, with advanced features such as wifi connectivity and a sophisticated built-in timer, still has one core problem: it takes too long to brush.

Two minutes might not sound like a lot, but many people cut these two minutes short and don’t care for their teeth properly as a result. This happens for so many reasons, from an urge to race out the door to work, to busy schedules and long commute times, as well as a desire to spend less time on mundane tasks. It’s clear that the modern electric toothbrush doesn’t even come close to solving the problem.

Introducing the teethbrush

The teethbrush is the next significant advancement in the toothbrush industry. It’s a full-mouth style toothbrush that brushes the teeth simultaneously, instead of one by one. It’s a more efficient, more enjoyable, and more convenient way.

But how does it work? Well, where a regular or electric toothbrush cleans each tooth one by one for an entire two-minute cycle, a teethbrush brushes all teeth simultaneously. Bristles in the teethbrush surround the teeth – top, front, and back – and brush them simultaneously, from multiple angles. Think of it as a toothbrush for the whole mouth, which drastically cuts down brushing time.

Unobrush™ is the latest advancement in teethbrushing

Unobrush™ is a teethbrush that takes 10 seconds from start to finish. It helps combat the natural urge to speed up the brushing process. Unobrush drastically cuts the time it takes to brush by a whopping 92%. Instead of brushing for 120 seconds, Unobrush™ users only need to brush for 10 seconds total.

But the benefits aren’t just in time saved. Unobrush™ provides a thorough brush by covering more areas than most people reach with a regular toothbrush. And with a UV Docking Station, it’s always sanitized and ready for use.

Join the teethbrush revolution

Are you ready to join the teethbrush revolution? Try out a full mouth toothbrush by visiting

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