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Rushmore Press LLC: A Literary Agency Founded In Las Vegas, Making A Huge Buzz In The Publishing World

LAS VEGAS, NV – Rushmore Press, a literary agency founded in Las Vegas, starts to make an inspiration in the publishing landscape.


The 18-year-publication and marketing company, Rushmore Press, widely known to provide authors with most effective and competitive book publishing related services, continues to make its name prominent as more and more writers successfully put their works on shelves and get sold in bookstores or online.

Now, writers who envision publishing their books and aim to contribute to the great list of literary and non-fictional books can now have their works be read through Rushmore Press.

Becoming a published author is a fantasy shared by almost all writers. And with Rushmore Press, authors will have the smoother process of publishing as they guide how to seal every aspect that relates to each writer’s manuscript. Whether for a first-time author or a veteran.


While the publishing industry is ever evolving, before, there were only two methods to get a book published: traditional and self-publish/vanity press. Only fairly recently was hybrid publishing being recognized as a legitimate method for publication.

Rushmore Press, as one hybrid publisher, provides quality hybrid publishing services that challenge two of the most common publishing methods. With self-publishing it mostly benefits extra skilled writers who have the resources to edit, finance and market their own work. Whereas with traditional publishing, writers have to go through a labyrinth of personalities and policies that very few are able to really penetrate. At Rushmore Press, they’ve combined the two processes and came up with a hybrid publishing process which gives writers the call for prompt solutions.

The idea is pretty simple: Authors participate in the costs of production, under Rushmore Press – the hybrid publisher. It’s a huge difference from vanity press as it gets a greater split of the royalties. Like most hybrid publishers, Rushmore Press split 50% on both costs and royalties (or vary on what’s stated in the agreement). It’s a great idea for first time authors or starters, so a lot has been signing up with Rushmore Press to deal with their works.  Any written work finds its fulfillment in a reading public, that’s the guarantee by Rushmore Press.


Rushmore Press understands the importance of good publication—competitive book pricing, book cover quality, and high literary standard of writing. Plus, they believe also that publication is the bridge between the written work and the readers, so a unique approach towards marketing books online is really needed. The goal is to establish a market value not only for the books that’s written, but also for the author.

An aspiring writer who wishes to get their works published, can follow this easy-process:

  1. Submit manuscript for a book review. Rushmore Press’s literary advisor will qualify the author’s book based on the company’s target genre and market, then proceed to the book review process.
  2. Rushmore Press will have the writer’s manuscript be checked by their affiliate reviewers, and make sure it meets Rushmore Press’s literary agent’s expectations.
  3. Endorse to literary experts and marketing team to brainstorm and plan release and market selling of the book.
  4. The Proposal and finalisation of the agreement, royalties. Etc.


The world has its fair share of disreputable groups that’ll exploit an author’s trust and investment, and if an author or creator is unsure on which publishing solutions they’ll sign up into, opt for the most trusted Rushmore Press. They take a closer look on what specific material a writer is handling and keep them on track, well-informed about their work’s journey to publication. In the end, it’s all about what Publishing they’re in, and making sure they get to chose the best one.

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