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Shawn Joshi releases new research, showing the hidden potential of Google My Business

What business owners need to know about the platform that dominates search results.

Small business owners have long understood the importance of Google reviews.

According to Shawn Joshi, “Google My Business isn’t just a ‘nice to have’ anymore. It’s a necessity for small businesses who want to showcase a superior level of service – along with their offerings.”

While most business owners know what Google My Business is – many don’t understand the business-building potential it offers.

That is because of the growing visibility that Google gives to its business listings in search, along with the popularity of the Google Maps app on smartphones.

As Joshi explains:

“Google doesn’t want to send traffic to business’ websites if they don’t have to. They’d rather send users to a platform they own – which is why Google My Business gets so much visibility in search results.”

This is good news for many business owners – who were previously forced to choose between spending money on Google Ads – or going down the rabbit hole that is SEO.

Joshi’s new research highlights the latest changes that Google is making to the platform.

This includes the growing prominence of “no click searches”, the decreasing return on investment of SEO, and an analysis of the traffic quality that Google My Business delivers.

Joshi has made the research freely available here: The Hidden Power of Google My Business (by Shawn Joshi)

“More than 65,000 people have read it, but I think it can help thousands more.”

About Shawn Joshi

Shawn Joshi is a marketer, researcher, and writer. He’s helped more than 3,000 businesses optimize their presence on Google.

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