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The Journey of Brandon Chastang, a Sobriety Motivator Who Seeks to Inspire People Through Personal Life Experiences

Summary Brandon Chastang is an African American activist, motivational speaker, actor, and director who seeks to inspire people and create a positive impact in their lives!

Philadelphia, PA, USA – When it comes to living a rich and fulfilling life, many people seem to struggle with finding hope and positivity around. With so many limitations people create in their minds and the physical barriers in their lives, it becomes extremely hard to carry on with one’s dreams and aspirations. Hence, having an inspirational figure, a mentor, or a motivator can do wonders in bringing about a positive outlook in life. One such person who has been striving to create a positive change in peoples’ lives is Brandon Chastang from Philadelphia. Brandon, also known as BMCFLY, is an African American activist, motivational speaker, actor, and director. Being known as a sobriety motivator, Brandon aspires to inspire the city’s youth and help them develop an optimistic outlook in their lives.  

Chastang started this journey as an influencer and public figure with BMCFY (Being Motivated Comes from Loving Yourself). Having a struggling childhood and long history of drug abuse, Chastang’s personal life in itself was full of hardships. Born on November 1, 1981, to teenage parents, Chastang’s father and mother were drug addicts; Chastang’s grandmother raised and nurtured Chastang. The entrepreneur completed high school and got a bachelor’s degree at Lincoln University in 2004. The same year Chastang got into a fatal shooting and luckily survived. However, the incident resulted in 14-year addiction to pain killers prescribed to endure the pain. With a continuous struggle, Chastang could get through addiction after being admitted to a rehabilitation program. After being rehabilitated, the sobriety motivator hasn’t looked back ever since and continues to create a positive impact in people’s lives.    

The entrepreneur founded BMCFLY after 30 days of intensive treatment at the rehabilitation center and became the COO of COYS (Center of your Smile) Dental Academy. Brandon Chastang seeks to bring awareness regarding urban issues through multimedia videos that provide examples of crucial life experiences. Along with these multimedia videos, Chastang runs a self-inventory, Studio V Podcast Production. Bradon established this as a psychological test. People are asked to fill out a survey or questionnaire based on personal interests, values, symptoms, behaviors, and traits to find out more about themselves and help them through life’s challenges. The motivator uses social media platforms and works on various campaigns to converse with people on sensitive topics, bringing awareness regarding addiction and supporting them in their rehabilitation journey. Chastang’s season 2 of the Self-inventory podcast aims to help people who suffer from addiction and has collaborated with few organizations in Philadelphia to help minimize the growing crime rates. The rehab motivator envisions building a rehab facility for drug addicts and creating motion picture movies to inspire people and help them fight through different challenges. 

About the Person:

Bradon Chastang, also known as BMCFLY, is an African American motivation speaker, activist, actor, and director. Currently working in Philadelphia, Chastang uses personal life experiences and knowledge to inspire people and positively impact their lives through multimedia videos, podcast production, etc.  

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