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Top business consultant, Herman Harris of TEN 4 Enterprises, on quest to revive businesses struggling post pandemic

Top business consultant, Herman Harris of TEN 4 Enterprises, on quest to revive businesses struggling post pandemic
In response to the challenges for businesses impacted by the pandemic, one of Houston’s top business consultants – Herman Harris of TEN 4 Enterprises, is on a mission to help revive struggling companies.

Houston, TX – The Covid-19 global pandemic significantly tested the survival of companies and transformed the relationships between customers and businesses of all sizes – likely forever. Many businesses have shut down completely while others are struggling to bring operations back to ‘normal’ midway through the year 2021. As local and international markets shifted, business owners that focused their sales and marketing more into the digital realm appear, overall,  to have found more success surviving the crisis. According to one of Houston’s top business consultants – Herman Harris, it’s important to know that continued survival and profitable progression in a post-pandemic world for businesses will require more than a concentrated effort into the digital space.

Herman Harris is on a mission to connect with business owners, entrepreneurs, and executive decision makers to revive their companies struggling amid a nearing post-pandemic world. Herman offers businesses strategic marketing insight, brand positioning guidance and well-rounded business operations acumen to assist them in overcoming the impact of the recent pandemic challenges.

Below are key tips from the award-winning business consultant on how to best focus your company’s efforts and resources in order to retain profitability and solidify a baseline for growth.

Customer Relationship Strategies

The foundation of every business relies on its customers to thrive and grow, however the impact of the pandemic has made it more critical than ever to maintain a targeted customer base. Consumers across the globe are spending significantly more time online, working and operating remotely, and utilizing virtual meetings since the pandemic began. It’s vital that businesses take advantage of these circumstances and leverage their businesses accordingly.

Your customers need to know that you value them. Ensuring that your business is strategically available to customers online with the correct messaging is one of the easiest ways to communicate how much you value them. The customer experience has always been important but now it’s even more essential to know how your customer’s needs have changed so that your business can provide the support and solutions they seek. Businesses that know when and where their customer base is logging online will find growth a lot more feasible to attain. Additionally, the customer experience offline is equally important for brick and mortar businesses. It’s often easily forgotten or entirely disregarded, in the age of digital technology opportunities, to develop sound offline strategies that work in sync with your online strategies.

It also remains important to adhere to the core solutions that your business provided prior to the pandemic. It is not uncommon for business owners to stray away from their fundamental products and services when the priority becomes survival through new outlets for business cash flow. Stay the course.

Employee Management Strategies

Support, develop and invest in your staff and employees. The progression of a company’s success is directly related to the team of people who contribute their skillset, energy and creative insight. Seize the opportunity to recruit and develop a smart team and recognize them of their efforts and contributions to making your business successful. Employee morale, especially during the transformative phase of this recent pandemic, is vital towards the productivity and efficiency of your company.

Your employees are one of your biggest assets. While many of the required employee roles may no longer be the same as they were prior to the pandemic it doesn’t mean you’re at a loss.

Evaluate current employee roles and consider redefining their duties and responsibilities to adapt to the company’s shift within the marketplace and/or your company’s new vision. Provide your staff and employee base with the necessary resources to perform their associated tasks remotely. Give the proper training, tools and flexibility that promote a balanced work-life relationship.

Outsource work detail as needed and explore the hire of independent consultants to maintain profitable operations. Consultants provide businesses with the luxury of saving on payroll because they are exempt from receiving employee benefits.

Marketing Strategies

The intent of your marketing efforts should be strategic and focused. This means that knee-jerk and fly-by-day marketing tactics will only produce mediocre results at best and no longer suffice. The concentration of your marketing should have predictive results. Define your audience and create a series of processes that lead your company to attracting the right customers for the longevity of your business (and repelling those who will not be beneficial to your brand). These series of marketing process make up the marketing systems of your business. Systems can be scaled for growth.

Data should be the fundamental basis for your marketing strategies and the correlating information that drives your company’s decisions. Measuring the results and making the necessary adjustments to engage your target audience will not only help your business secure an increase in revenue during this challenging time period, but it will also give your business the cutting edge of your competitors in the same market space.

The offers for your products and services should embody your company brand and should directly impact your target audience by providing a clear-cut solution to their problems.  This inevitably means that whether you choose to accept it or not, your customers don’t actually care about your business; they care about how your business can help them through this unique time in their lives.

Position your business to solve the problem. Hiring consultants with the expertise to elevate your brand and business can also be a key component to a successful outcome for your company during this near post-pandemic time period.

Building relationships should be a byproduct of great marketing execution. Leverage the digital realm to connect with your potential customer base and build relationships by utilizing digital platforms such social media and email – to name a few. Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, it’s imperative that brick and mortar businesses also execute offline marketing strategies that work in sync with their digital strategies. When a business properly executes an offline strategy in unison with their online strategy the outcome of the results appear seamless and effortless while revenue increases significantly.

Focus on these strategies for your business to overcome the challenges of the pandemic. You may also connect with Herman to assist your company in deploying these aforementioned strategies.

Herman Harris is the founder and Principal Consultant of TEN 4 Enterprises – a management consulting firm based in Houston, Texas. As an expert business strategist, he specializes in strategic planning, marketing, operations management and business development. You can inquire to hire Herman to help your business or learn more about him on his website.

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