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Successful Entrepreneur Nick Gilmour Seeks to Help Aspiring Entrepreneurs From Marginalized Communities Through Podcast CASHRULES!

Nick Gilmour is a successful entrepreneur, leading two multi million-dollar companies, and seeks to help youngsters and aspiring entrepreneurs from marginalized communities!

Kingston, Ontario, Canada – When it comes to the world of entrepreneurship, it would not be wrong to say that it is not everyones cup of tea. While hundreds of people start their entrepreneurial journey with the dream of making it big, not many continue with the same level of passion, dedication, and persistence with which they start. Though every entrepreneurs journey is different, what’s common among all successful entrepreneurs is their resilience in the face of hardships and their commitment to their goals through thick and thin. One such enterpriser who started from nowhere and has now created a name in the entrepreneurial world is Nick Gilmour. Known for Gilmour’s Market (Retail locations), Gilmour’s Market (Online), which ranks 4th in Canada, and Gilmour Real Estate Group. Nick comes with vast experience in Entrepreneurship, and through Nick Gilmour Inc. CASHRULES!, the entrepreneur has currently set on a mission to help underprivileged entrepreneurs kickstart their entrepreneurial journey.

Nick understands the challenges that young and aspiring entrepreneurs face these days, especially those from marginalized backgrounds. Seeing Nick’s father work around the clock to turn the small meat shop into a successful company after a decade worth of struggle, Nick realized it is not only ones education that comes in handy when achieving big dreams, but also hard work and courage to take risks. Nick recalls Jim Gilmour, Nick’s father, in one of the Nick Gilmour Inc. podcasts, saying,

“In order to make anything work, you need to commit all your time and resources to the fullest.” 

Nick recalls growing up in a tough neighbourhood in Bellville, Ontario, witnessing all kinds of challenges that today’s unprivileged youngsters might have to face. Be it drug overdose, lack of law and order, or lacking basic resources, Nick understands how it feels to be surrounded by such circumstances.  However, despite such challenges, Nick secured a job as a meat manager, worked day and night, and gave all his energy until Nick was all ready to start his own business. In 2013, Nick decided to enter the meat business and made Gilmour’s Market one of the most successful meat businesses in Canada, launching an E-commerce website now ranking 4th today in Canada. But what’s more impressive is that Nick’s journey didn’t stop with the food business. The entrepreneur decided to take another big risk and ventured into the real estate industry. Nick took mortgage courses, real estate courses, and understood the ins and outs of how real estate works.He gained the education, knowledge, and practical experience to start Gilmour Real Estate Group, another addition to Gilmour’s business. Through the years Nick has been fortunate to have his brothers Jordan and Lincoln join him and bring a wealth of expertise to each of the companies. Today, Nick takes pride that his and his brothers businesses operate in the eight-figure range each.  

Nick encourages everyone facing challenges in their entrepreneurial journey to reach out, and share their stories. Having gone through the same challenging journey and creating success, Nick now seeks to help youngsters from marginalized communities, with his videos and podcasts, and empower them for a better and brighter future. 

About The Entrepreneur 

Hailing from Canada, Nick Gilmour is an entrepreneur, running several successful businesses, The entrepreneur looks forward to helping youngsters and aspiring entrepreneurs and enabling them to succeed in their businesses.  

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