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TechScreen on Mission to Make Technical Recruiters Far More Technical

TechScreen on Mission to Make Technical Recruiters Far More Technical
Firm combining detailed technical training with SaaS screening platform to vastly elevate recruiters’ technical insight.

TechScreen CEO Mark Knowlton has been doing deep dive technical interviews since the late 90s, seeing first-hand how much of an impact it has on the hiring process. Now, he has figured out a way to make that scale for an entire industry.

TechScreen has a SaaS platform that lets recruiters conduct, score and document a detailed technical interview of an IT candidate without being technical themselves. The software shepherds a non-technical recruiter through keeping up with a narrative explanation to a technical question. It is the only technical evaluation tool that empowers the recruiters to conduct the interview. The other options have the recruiter send a link to either a multiple-choice exam or a coding exercise.

Recruiters increase their technical insight with the regular use of the tool, but the training is meant to accelerate that pace. TechScreen is introducing its TechScreen Certified Training Program, which breaks down advanced technical concepts in a way that was meant to be understood by a non-technical person. There are 12 modules spanning topics like Application Architecture, Networking, Databases, QA, The Cloud, DevOps, InfoSec and Big Data.

There are plenty of firms that offer technical training to recruiters, but many of them focus on explaining technical buzzwords or give very high-level descriptions of the development process. TechScreen’s training explains advanced technical concepts in a way that is meant for a non-technical person to grasp and internalize them to be used for qualifying candidates.

They compare Garbage Collection in Java to the way an Air Traffic Controller tower coordinates the activity at an airport, how TCP/IP relates to Postal Service delivery and how the ISO model in networking is like the steps involved with calling in an order to have pizza delivered to your house.

The training is designed to let a non-technical person have true insight into how technical things work in a way that is easily relatable. This serves as a foundation to the users’ grasp of technical concepts and this insight is incrementally increased through the regular use of the SaaS screening platform. The software presents the question and detailed answer in a way that makes is easy for a non-technical person to keep up with the explanation.

All of the other training programs require users to stop working to attend sessions so they can commit all of the content to memory. Recruiters get better at their jobs using TechScreen to do their jobs.

TechScreen’s top client is a staffing firm that does close to $1 Billion in revenue and their recruiters have screened over 5,000 IT candidates since 2016. They have a knockout ratio of 66% and Knowlton said he expects their efficiency to vastly improve once they go through training. He said his goal is to create a generation of recruiters who can effectively engage with technologists.

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