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Travel Expert Explains The Things To Do In Santo Domingo

For those visiting the Dominican Republic, then visiting Santo Domingo is a must. There are lots of things to do in Santo Domingo, but sadly the capital of Dominican Republic is often overlooked by holidaymakers.

More than 7.5 million international tourists visit the Dominican Republic each year with many of those visiting beach resorts. Tourist officials are working hard to promote the Capital, so we decided to look at the best places to visit in Santo Domingo.

“After visiting Santo Domingo, it did surprise me why more people are not visiting the Dominican Republic capital. It is one of the most fascinating and exciting cities that I have visited in recent years. With lots of things to do in Santo Domingo and with more activities being added, I can see the popularity of the capital increasing,” a spokesperson said.

Santo Domingo has a great nightlife scene, great restaurants, lots of culture, and plenty of places to go for a nice relaxing drink. So, if you’re thinking of what to do in Santo Domingo then think no more. From when you arrive, to when it is time to leave, you will find lots of things to do to make your holiday one to remember.

So, if you have never been to the Dominican Republic capital before, then read on and see all the things to do in Santo Domingo.

Shop in the market

“If you are anything like me, then you will love to shop while on holiday. Not really that keen when I am in the UK, but when I am abroad, I always like to bring lots of things back. I am not the only one. A lot of Taylan Evrenler readers are just like me,” a reviewer said.

Santo Domingo is a great place to go shopping. They lots of great places to go shopping, especially the Mercado Modelo. It is Santo Domingo’s largest market and was built back in 1942. Some say it is one of the best tourist venues. Although it is one of the best things to do in Santo Domingo, let’s not go overboard, it is after all just shopping.

“You will find lots of great little shops here where you can buy your daily food items if you are going self-catering or buy luxury gifts. One thing I will say while shopping in Santo Domingo, don’t pay the price that is advertised, have some fun and haggle.”

Los Tres Ojos National Park & Open Caves Systems

One of my favourite things to do in Santo Domingo is to visit Los Tres Ojos National Park & Open Caves Systems. It is a place the whole family will love.

The Three Eyes National Park is a nature reserve and open-air limestone cave system has a series of crystal-clear lakes. It is located just ten minutes by car, or you can arrange to visit The Three Eyes National Park through an arranged tour.

The open water caves are an experience that you should not miss. It is advisable to wear cool clothing because it can get hot in the caves. It is also important to bring bottled water and to wear sensible shoes.

Santo Domingo Chinatown Sunday Morning Market

If you like the Mercado Modelo for shopping and looking for places to visit in Santo Domingo on a Sunday, then you need to visit the Chinatown morning market.

The Chinatown Sunday Morning Market has been ranked as one of the best markets in Santo Domingo. Every Sunday Chinese and Dominican farmers and street vendors get together to sell delicious food.

Just like the Mercado Modelo you can haggle on price.

Visit the New World’s First Cathedral

If you like a bit of culture and looking for places to visit in Santo Domingo, then how about the Cathedral Santa Maria La Menor. It was built between 1512 and 1540. It was one of the most visited tourist attractions in Santo Domingo.

The Cathedral of Santa Maria la Menor has a great deal of history, which you would expect with a building built such a long time ago. It was commissioned by Pope Julius II in 1504 and amazingly enough it was constructed eight year later.

One piece of important history of the cathedral is, it is the resting place of Christopher Columbus.

Chu Chu Colonial Sightseeing Trolley

“If I had my way, then every tourist resort in the world would have a sightseeing train. One of the best things to do in Santo Domingo for the family in my opinion is the Chu Chu Colonial Sightseeing Trolley. The kids will love it,” a traveller noted.

The Chu Chu Colonial is an open-air sightseeing train which is a great thing to do in all weathers. It runs through Santo Domingo’s Zona Colonial.

The tour will take you past some of the most loved tourist attractions in Santo Domingo. It lasts around 45 minutes and is a perfect way to see some great attractions.

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