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AI Tactical Solutions Offer Body Armor for Civilians’ Self-Defense

AI Tactical Solutions, a leading manufacturer of body armor and tactical gear, offers an extensive range of body armor for security personnel, as well as civilians. The company specializes in offering a wide range of premium quality tactical gear, body armor, bulletproof vests, bulletproof backpacks, and other ballistic gear. The company believes that body armor is no longer reserved for military or first responders, and should be made affordable and accessible to all.

From law enforcement officer to shooting enthusiasts, the company designs body armor for personal, as well as professional use.

AI Tactical Solutions offers different levels of body armor that is used by a wide range of clients, including law enforcement agencies, first responders, military personnel, investigators, security guards, journalists, and hunters. A sales executive at AI Tactical Solutions said, “We provide different types of body armor that offers high-quality bullet resistance and stab protection. We design products by keeping in mind the specific needs of our clients. Body armor can be divided into three categories based on the threat level – ballistic, edged blades, and spike threats. Depending on the threat level, we offer products that are suited for law enforcement officials, as well as civilians. Naturally, the ballistic armor needs of military personal and law enforcement officers are certainly higher. However, civilians who work or live in dangerous areas may also need some level of protection. For instance, journalists or people working at ATMs, jewelry stores, or politicians may need body armor if their personal safety is at risk.”

Adding on, the sales executive said, “At AI Tactical Solutions, we offer both hard and soft armor for our customers. Soft armor is mostly preferred by civilians and first responders in Canada because these are comfortable, concealable, and protects against pistol calibre threats. Ballistic armor is also divided into different categories based on the level of protection they can offer. Users need to carefully choose Level IIIa, Level III, or Level IV based on their individual needs.”

About the Company:

AI Tactical Solutions provide an extensive range of durable, lightweight, comfortable, and reasonably priced body armor and tactical gear. The company specializes in manufacturing soft and hard body armor such as Ballistic Vests, Spike Proof Vests, armor plates, ballistic helmets, and more products for security personnel, as well as civilians.

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