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Alberta Divorce Finances helps the Residents of Calgary Going through a Separation Understand Their Finances

Alberta Divorce Finances helps the Residents of Calgary Going through a Separation Understand Their Finances

Calgary, AB – Alberta Divorce Finances is a law firm located in the suburbs of Calgary that prides itself on being one of the first divorce financial practices in the city. 

Alberta Divorce Finances is headed by Sharon Numerow, who has more than a decade of experience consulting individuals, couples, and family lawyers. She helped them understand their financial and tax implications and how an impending divorce will change their financial futures. From this experience, Sharon draws her passion from a deep understanding of divorce’s short and long-term financial implications. This is the reason she is devoted to helping her clients clarify everything concerning their finances and futures. 

Sharon Numerow is also a certified divorce financial analyst and a personal income return preparation business proprietor.  Together with her highly skilled team, she helps clients understand all areas of the impending changes that divorce will have on their financial future. For this reason, the Alberta Divorce Finance team is always committed to helping their clients forge a path for a more transparent financial future as they handle all clients with a sense of compassion. 

“Divorce demands financial decision-making that will alter the rest of yours and possibly your children’s life. Most people have little knowledge of the specifics of the finances of divorce. Many are too emotional to make sound financial decisions regarding their future. Often poor choices are made, permanent choices. These decisions require the experience and support of a divorce professional who specializes in the analysis of divorce finances and divorce financial planning.” – Sharon Numerow.

Deciding to separate can have a crucial impact on a family, and Alberta Divorce Finances helps its clients consider crucial issues such as the timing of the separation, how to divide their property that will affect the clients’ future, and how a child or spousal support will impact their monthly cash flow. 

The team also works with clients by taking them through a 7-step strategic process that includes helping couples resolve and reach an agreement on all of the issues in their separation and divorce, explaining property division, child and spousal support to prepare a memorandum of understanding with all agreed upon details, and drafting a legal agreement can easily be drafted. 

Alberta Divorce Finances offer a variety of services. They include Divorce and Tax Services, Divorce Financial Planning, Divorce Financial Advice, Divorce Mediation, Tax Services and Advice, and Divorce Tax Planning. The Alberta Divorce Finances begin their services by consulting. They do this by helping the lawyers quantify, clarify, and identify their clients’ financial situations. They help by explaining the tax implications of various property division scenarios. The team also liaises with lawyers by working with their clients through financial document preparation such as budgets, a compilation of documents, and an analysis of potential financial settlements.  They also facilitate information to be provided clearly and concisely that helps support a client’s case during negotiation and mediation or in the case of going to court. 

To learn more about Alberta Divorce Finances – Calgary divorce mediators, call (403)703-7176. Or visit their location at 534 17 Ave SW #400, Calgary, AB, T250B1. For any inquiries about the divorce financial planning services they offer, visit their website for more information.

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