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Dog Works Offers Training And Fitness Services For Dogs In Lehi, Utah

Dog Works Offers Training And Fitness Services For Dogs In Lehi, Utah

Lehi, Utah – Dog Works is a world-class canine fitness and training center for home pets, competitive dogs, and special-purpose working dogs. The professionals offer training and education in all aspects of canine behavior, fitness, and nutrition. In addition, Dog Works sponsored an advanced k9 workshop with Mike Lorraine for high-level sport and police service dogs in July. Lehi dog owners and their pets or working K9 can learn, exercise, and participate in various activities designed to provide their dogs the mental and physical development it requires at their brand new, one-of-a-kind training and fitness center in Lehi, UT. 

Dog Works places a significant priority on the safety of the dogs at the center. Any dog entering the training center must confirm immunizations, as they will only let pre-approved dogs into their group classes. While the dog is in the place, they have crates to fit any breed or size of the dog. Larger kennel runs are also available at Dog Works for pets who require more space or unique accommodations. Pets that go to Dog Works must be at least eight weeks old and have had their puppy vaccines started by a licensed veterinarian. Obedience training results vary from dog to dog, but in general, the trainers observe that most clients and their pets show progress in just a few months.

Also, Dog Works’ obedience training will help establish the groundwork for a lifetime of family peace. They cover correct crate training, toilet training, loose leash walking, handler focus, greet people appropriately, recall, and neutrality in the presence of other animals and people as part of their obedience training strategy. Any pet, regardless of age, can benefit from obedience training, but the earlier the instruction begins, the easier it will be for the pet.

Because there are so many different service activities that a dog must accomplish, service dog training takes many different shapes. Object retrieval, food allergy detection, open/close doors, turn on/off lights or automated doors for entrance/exit, deep pressure treatment, and tactile stimulation are just a few of the activities that Dog Works trains dogs to complete. The key to success with a purpose-trained service dog is a combination of training and canine selection. 

Fully integrated protection dog training in Utah by Dog Works is facilitated to meet each unique customer’s needs and live in the house and be dependable on the go. While there are exceptions, it is their goal that each dog they breed becomes a family member who lives in the household for the rest of its life and travels with its owners. The process of selecting and training a competent protection dog typically takes 3-6 months from start to finish. Still, Dog Works can use its network of top-tier breeding programs and other industry sources to speed up the process and find the appropriate dog in less time.

Train to perfection with Dog Works. The training center is located at 305 S 850 E, Ste. 108A, Lehi, Utah 84043, US. Contact them via phone at (801) 753-7600 or visit their website for more information.

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