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Double Block and Bleed Valve Distributor Marks 42 Years In Operation

Energy Products Company has been providing a line of valves suited to the oil and gas industry since its launch in 1973. For facilities that process gas or oil products, it is important to maintain operations around the clock. The failed parts must be taken care of as quickly as possible.

Energy Products Company is pleased to announce that the company has been a leading distributor of equipment and parts to the oil and gas industry for more than four decades. Over the years, the company has established the largest twin seal inventory worldwide. The double block and bleed valve is a component of a massive inventory of parts that can be delivered on overnight orders. The brand of twin seal plug valves was introduced initially in 1941 and was the first to meet the high requirements of the particular units. Over the years, there have been significant refinements to improve performance further.

The twin block plug valve with seals that retract ensures that there is minimal to zero leakage. Managing leakage is accomplished by a mechanical wedge action that compresses both upstream and downstream seals and does not require line pressure to seal off the flow.

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Double block and bleed valves are designed to allow the pipe on both sides of the valve to be closed off. The ball valves are blocked in both the downstream and upstream sides of the working area. Once this is accomplished, any remaining pressure in the piping and valve is bled off. A clear working field is important when working on a section of equipment. This type of valve is a working solution.

If work needs to be performed on any part of the oil and gas industry systems, fast response for parts is critical. This includes the twin valve equipment. Getting the line back into operation as quickly as possible is important for managing environmental issues and avoiding operating losses. Avoiding leakage is also a component of managing flow volumes and precision measurements. The firm responds quickly to get vital equipment to customers within hours rather than days or weeks.

About the Company:

Energy Products Company carries a large and growing inventory of oil and gas industry valves, as well as additional products. The company was launched in 1973 and had been improving the quality and quantity of products since. Fast delivery is a foundational premise of the company.

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