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Wall Street Rank is on a mission to democratize hedge fund research

WSR condenses the latest hedge fund stock predictions into simple, bite sized content for retail investors

Conducting due diligence on stocks is often the most time consuming and challenging aspect of active investing.

Wall St Rank is a tool designed to help retail investors quickly understand the 12-month trajectory of a stock based on the consensus opinion of top Wall Street analysts. These include, analysts from firms such as Goldman Sachs, Jeffires, and Piper Sandler. The premise behind the simplicity is that the expert prediction of an analyst from Goldman Sachs is backed by millions of dollars of deep domain expertise, algorithms and complex financial modelling. By aggregating multiple analyst predictions, and calculating  an average price target, the platform eliminates  any bias a particular firm will have towards a stock.   

Everyday the site ranks 100 stocks with the highest forecasted return, that are covered by at least 5 top Wall Street analysts with a market capitalization of $5 billion or more. The site also enables users to search any stock of interest to understand the 12-month view of Wall Street insiders. 

The startup is intent on becoming an investment habit among Gen Z investors.

In its beta phase, the platform experienced viral engagement on several key investment groups on Facebook and Discord. This led to word of mouth growth with over 50,000 hits to the site from 122 countries. 

User testimonials indicate that the appeal of the site is its simplicity and clean design. In a matter of minutes users can identify which stocks to shortlist based on their future prospects. 

The first recommendations on the site that were featured on August 3, 2020 have displayed solid performance despite uncertain market conditions. The average performance of the top 25 recommendations since inception have an average return of 102.72% over the past 8 months. The S&P index return during the same  period was 26.7%.  

The startup is on a bold mission to empower 10 million retail investors to make sound investment decisions while saving time on due diligence. Staying true to its mission, the site will forever host a free tier of data that will add tremendous value to all time-constrained investors. 

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