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Mooditude Expands Comprehensive Mental Health Care Offerings Through Partnership with eHome Counseling Group

Mooditude Expands Comprehensive Mental Health Care Offerings Through Partnership with eHome Counseling Group
eHome Counseling Group Provides Mooditude Members Access to Licensed, Expert Counselors on their Digital Device

Mooditude, a mental health app company, announces its partnership with eHome Counseling Group, a nationwide virtual counseling network based in Orlando, FL. This partnership provides access to eHome’s clinicians who complement Mooditude’s self-care tools with therapist guided care. The ability to find a therapist through Mooditude’s platform offers consumers a complete mental health care solution, from prevention and wellness to treatment of serious mental illnesses. eHome’s licensed, Master level counselors treat the full spectrum of mental health conditions with special programs for PTSD, addiction treatment, and are experts in marriage and family counseling.

“Connecting our users to live eHome therapists provides expert, individualized care that supports users at all stages of mental illness and ensures that those who need the highest levels of treatment have access to it,” explains Kamran Qamar, Mooditude’s CEO and founder. “We’re proud that this solution will put a comprehensive mental health care program in the hands of many who find traditional mental health care inaccessible or inconvenient.”

To obtain treatment from one of eHome’s counselors, Mooditude members first take a short, confidential, comprehensive assessment that alerts them to the severity of their mental health symptoms. If the assessment shows an individual has a condition that would benefit from professional counseling, the user can choose to send their contact information to eHome Counseling to connect to a counselor. Clients attend their face-to-face video therapy appointments on their smartphone, computer, or tablet from the privacy and convenience of the location they choose. eHome accepts major insurance and self paying clients.

Mooditude features Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), the gold standard of behavioral care, combined with goals, routines, guided journaling, mood tracking and clinically-developed courses in a comprehensive solution. It utilizes the M3 assessment to provide quantitative measurement for a number of mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, PTSD and substance use disorder, among others. Users can track improvement during treatment and receive guidance from their counselors on tailored exercises to accelerate their care.

Brad Rex, President and CEO of eHome Counseling Group, states, “The combination of app based support with human counseling sessions has become the gold standard of behavioral care. We are thrilled to partner with Mooditude to support clients between counseling sessions by providing measurement and tracking, education, exercises and coping activities, meditation and good habit building. The combination of great counselors and a well-designed app ensures the best outcomes in the shortest time.”

Businesses and organizations can provide the Mooditude app to their employees as an alternative or addition to employee assistance programs. “Many people are hesitant to seek help when they are struggling with mental health issues. Mooditude makes it easy by removing barriers to care, while maintaining complete confidentiality,” added Qamar.

“Every study shows the pandemic has impacted mental health and increased the number of people with depression, anxiety, PTSD and substance abuse,” says Qamar. “Through this partnership with eHome Counseling, it’s finally possible to find an expertly qualified therapist and communicate with them in a few swipes. Help for mental health is more accessible, confidential and convenient. I encourage people to download the Mooditude app today and begin their journey to their very best life.”

About Mooditude

Mooditude is a comprehensive mental health app that extends care between therapy appointments and in moments of crisis. Mooditude’s artificial intelligence tracks moods and delivers the right coping strategy during a tough moment. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Worksheets, habit trackers, meditations, guided journals, courses, and more, give therapists a slew of tools to keep their clients actively engaged between sessions. Clients can monitor their progress with these tools using Mooditude’s technology, discover negative thought patterns, and communicate these insights to their providers.

About eHome Counseling Group

eHome Counseling Group is a nationwide virtual counseling network based in Orlando, FL. Services include individual counseling for all mental health conditions; specialized programs for PTSD and addiction treatment; and marriage and family counseling. All sessions are done through face-to-face video by outstanding, licensed, Masters level counselors on computer, tablet or smartphone. Therapy is completely confidential and can take place at home, work, school or wherever the client feels most comfortable. eHome Counseling accepts major insurance and also has affordable self-pay programs. eHome’s Client Care team personally takes care of every client and can be easily reached online, via email, or by phone.

For more information, visit www.eHomeGroup.com

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