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England Football Euro 2020 Team Helped by Celebrity Hypnotherapist and Sports Hypnotist Jonathan Royle

British Celebrity Hypnotherapist & Sports Motivational Hypnotist Jonathan Royle aged 45 of Rochdale, Greater Manchester has exclusively revealed that he has been helping the England Football Team to Win the Euro 2020 Competition.

After helping England to Stop Uri Geller from using his mind powers to enable Scotland to win resulting in a 0-0 draw rather than the loss by England that Uri was hoping to gain by helping Scotland to win, Hypnotist Royle convinced Uri to join our side and channel his energies also into England winning the whole of Euro 2020.

Combined with help from Clinton Baptiste the Psychic Phenomenon who found fame in Peter Kay’s Legendary Television show “Phoenix’s Nights” and the combined energies of England Fans around the nation, Royle was then able to help England to Beat Germany 2-0.

Now he hopes to help England to beat Ukraine this Saturday and indeed to help England to get all the way to and ultimately to win the Euro 2020 Finals in style.

To this end he has published a blog page explaining how England Football Fans Fans can channel their collective Positive Mental Energies and also use Hypnotic Techniques in order to help England play at their very best levels of Peak Performance in all matches.

Also on this same blog he has released a Free Interactive Virtual Hypnotherapist Treatment Video which can be used by Members of the England Football Squad to help ensure they have 100% Positive Mental Attitude at all times that also manifests itself as them playing to their best potential in every manner possible.

This Free video can also (as explained on the this blog page) be used to help England Fans overcome any habits, Addictions, Fears, Phobias or other issues they may have from A through to Z.

Royle is quoted as saying that “Until now one of my most memorable uses of my Hypnosis talents was helping World famous Actor’s Robert De Niro & Billy Crystal to promote the launch of their film “Analyze That” by way of a therapeutic encounter between them and myself which was featured in USA Today and other World Media, but now I hope that helping the England Team to win Euro 2020 outright will take the prime position so to speak.”

Full details of how you can use your Mind Power to help England win against Ukraine and also help them to Win the Entire Euro 2020 are on Jonathan Royle’s blog page located RIGHT HERE

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/y7d7VobsktE

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