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Adopt The Latest Trends In Fashion And Stay Ahead Of The World With The Innovative Collection Of Brands At Muskop

The black-owned company, Muskop, brings new, underground, and uncovered brands out to the world. Keeping in front of the game is now easy with the numerous choices at the store!

Queens, New York, United States – Shopping is no more a hassle but utterly exciting with the Muskop – a store located in the New York City of the US. The label gets pronounced as Muhst Kop, named after the overwhelming sensation that comes when one looks at their varieties of products to feel that they mus(t) kop that! Their website, imuskop, is an online platform that is a curated marketplace for all the minority brands to display their items to the world. The main aim is to unveil all the trendy brands that bring out the best fashion products for all. 

The owner, Robert Holford, has always loved fashion. As a resident of NY, he had seen the ultimate transitions in fashion, style, and music continuously and how they interact with one another. He spent about seven years of his life working at a sneaker store in Greenacres mall, where he encountered two of his like-minded friends. One of them was Darnell, it was his idea of a visionary clothing brand, Nick every, was taken forward by Robert and his friend, Lenny. Their experience in the sneaker field led them to produce similar products, including t-shirts, and take part in several events and sneaker conferences throughout the city. Since t-shirts were something new for them, they had to bear some losses, yet they soon realized that one must be prepared to leave their comfort area and accept new ideologies to stay fresh and on top of the competition. Hustle in clothing is what they have to offer. While losing some money during the learning process, they gained immense knowledge on marketing and presentations during their collaborations with companies.

The Muskop was born because the owners strongly believed in an imaginative vogue and product lines for people. It showcases brands and new styles that emerge. It is a perfect hub of looks, glamor, and modesty. The Muskop has a slogan: Go Kop that, to invite people to shop overwhelmingly and dress up in the latest chic, while also saving their precious time which would otherwise get utilized in researching the newest ideas in the overflooded market. They are not just a website, but a whole lifestyle! 

One of the brands, Nick Every, works with the slogan ‘Everyone Everywhere Everyday,’ meaning that they have something to offer to everyone. Inspired by the designs of the sneaker community, they have the readiness to go beyond that and offer something to everyone in their everyday life. Another one, Abstract Weirdo, is for those who wish to stand out. It is a line of clothes that expresses feelings when their products get put on. 

Regardless of any background or cultural setting one belongs to, the site has plenty of items that are sure to suit each personality. From colorful sneakers that match the hoodies to creative cushions for bedrooms, the store has it all. Be it cold summer nights or the wintry breeze of December, Muskop sells classic socks, sweatpants, streetwear, hats, customized bags, and more. Thus, the company proves to be a direct go-to for the best fashion items on the market. 

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