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Next Level Trucking Program offering investment opportunities in booming American trucking industry

The Next Level Trucking Program is offering lucrative opportunities for foreign investors and drivers to make the best of the golden time of the US trucking scene.

Suwanee, GA – October 28, 2021 – The American trucking industry is at an all-time-high and presents excellent investment opportunities for interested investors. In that light, Suwanee-based leading fleet management company, Next Level Trucking, has recently launched an innovative turnkey trucking program, Next Level Trucking Program, for foreign nationals that will enable them to own a trucking business and enjoy significant returns within a year. The Next Level Trucking Program is also designed for trained fleet drivers aspiring to be Owner-Operator of a truck or a fleet.

“We are excited to share with you that we have just launched our Next Level Trucking Program for foreign investors looking to foray into the American trucking industry. The Trucking industry is currently at an All-time high in freight and there could not be a better time than now to get started”, stated the leading spokesperson. 

“We have partnered with leading carriers, agents, brokers, and businesses to develop the innovative Next Level Trucking Program. Our strategic partners are backed by years of experience in the trucking scene, great industry forecasting abilities as well as major resources that enable them to support with higher premiums on freight, dedicated routes as well as handy discounts of fuel and repair. Our NLT program also provides a great opportunity to start their own Owner-Operator business in the trucking industry.” 

The NLT Program assures an extremely simplified and friendly investment process. There is no such stringent requirement to be a NLT investor, such as experience in the trucking industry or a CDL license- the investors don’t even have to be Owner-Operators as well.   

The USP of the NLT Program is that it will take care of all the legwork of establishing a successful trucking business, on behalf of the investors- while the latter will enjoy a premium ROI at the comfort of his/her home. 

The NLT Program will help the investors with –

  • Organization and Setup of the new trucking business
  • Financing
  • Purchase of  semi-truck
  • Screening, recruiting, and hiring of drivers
  • Daily management of business and driver
  • Establishment a long term contract with FMCA and DOT-compliant leading carrier companies 

The NLT Program will also help qualified drivers to own their own trucks and run a successful and profitable business. The company is on the lookout for trained Class A CDL drivers to partner with the NLT Program and its investors to expand its fleet.  

“Unlike regular trucking companies, we treat our drivers as our partners. We are serious about investing in your future with NLT, you will be able to own your first truck completely free of cost.” 

Drivers who will sign up with the NLT Program will have their own business identity after 90 days of employment. Also, they will receive the Truck completely free of cost after 24-36 months of employment.  

“The American trucking industry garners a whopping $700 billion+ each year now and then demand is only surging with each passing year. It’s the absolute golden time to invest or build up your career in the US trucking scene.” 

For more information, please visit https://nltprogram.com 

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