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Leading Los Angeles Software Development Company: Redko

Redko is a Los Angeles-based Software Development company that codes business owners dreams into reality. The Redko team specializes in helping companies build their software, website and mobile apps as well as adding and implementing AI and data analytics into their business to have time to focus on growth within the company. Redko strives to deliver efficient customer solutions to solve inefficiencies and issues businesses regularly experience.

Redko is a Los Angeles-based female-led mobile app and software development company. Redko also rebuilds, creates, and gives technical support to established businesses through web applications, software, and mobile apps. 

Founder Anya Ozmen herself is a technical founder comes from a data science, AI background and can code in 15 programming languages. Her mission is to help other business owners bring their vision into real technology products. She believes that technology can help the world lead advancements in cures and eradicating diseases, automate tedious jobs, raise prosperity, and overall make business better.

Redko’s core values embrace uniqueness within their teams and projects. Their core values include team members taking ownership, innovation, teamwork, simplicity, critical thinking, and overall positivity.

What Services Does Redko Provide?

Redko is a development company that offers a wide range of services for building software products. The products can be anywhere from web-based apps to mobile apps to cloud software. As a dev shop they have a diverse agile development team providing developers, coders, project managers, designers, etc., to build their client’s products. With a free consultation they offer to everyone they access their clients needs and send a proposal before getting started.

Development Company vs In-house Software Developers

Development companies are a cost-efficient solution alternatives to hiring in-house software developers. Dev shops or development companies like Redko provide businesses with a team of experts across many fields. With a dev shop, their team works on a product from start to finish. These agencies have expert teams built-in, saving businesses time and energy rather than hiring a new team and providing a salary, compensation package, and training a new employee. Dev shops take on all the responsibility of managing a project from beginning to end and having teammembers who can work on various stages simultaneously.

While hiring a dev shop can be beneficial to all business sizes, a dev shop does hold a few drawbacks. For one, a dev shop is an outsourced company that does not work exclusively for one business. When people hire a dev shop, there could be communication issues causing miscommunications or cultural misalignments. That is why it is crucial to pick a team that is local and cares about their clients’ product.

Why Do Companies Choose Redko?

Redko is a local trustworthy dev shop focused on providing excellent service to all businesses, big or small. With a female-led team, Redko is filled with diverse expertise, including AI and ML experts experienced in a wide range of projects. The team provides flexible 24/7 support, and our average response time averages only a few hours. The Redko team specializes in:

–  Software
–  Cloud Software
–  Mobile Apps
–  Web Apps
–  UI/UX Design
–  Websites
–  Financial Algorithms and Forecasts
–  AI
–  Machine Learning


Redko has been involved in many high-profile projects, including developing a fever detector amid the Covid-19 pandemic to help with safety protocols required to safely support the United States’ open businesses to lift the economy. Redko has a rich portfolio of oncoming projects that utilize AI solutions to benefit individuals and U.S. Businesses. Redko’s involvement in a variety of projects has helped many businesses in their successes. The Redko team has been an essential partner in the development of many apps that have helped businesses automate their services. A few of the many testimonials on Redko:

“Redko helped us connect our inventory database to our website orders, and now we don’t have to lift a finger to manually input orders.” 

“The UIUX design team did wonders with our app. The app is absolutely elegant and user-friendly.”

Redko cares about businesses and ensures products are the best they can be. They work closely with their clines to provide their input is heard and taken seriously. They offer affordable, trustworthy services, among some of the most affordable in the U.S. Redko team has worked as a part of many prominent apps and websites with over millions of total users. They will continue to be a part of many up and coming projects in the future. Redko serves all clients from entrepreneurs to established businesses with their full stack services. Their website and free consultation definitely worth the time to get a business to the next level.

Media Contact
Company Name: Redko
Contact Person: Josh Leories
Phone: 4242538792
Address:9171 Wilshire Blvd
City: Beverly Hills
State: CA 90210
Country: United States
Website: https://www.theredko.com