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Celestial Unity Token: Allows consistent growth and long term sustainability with a real world use case around a digital token

Celestial Unity is an integrated, decentralized financial service. PHX. It aims to provide secure, inclusive, innovative, and transparent crypto financial services for users worldwide.

Australia – Blockchain technology is here to transform the world. Ever Since its discovery, this peer to peer network has given access to everyone, bringing decentralization into play. The list of its applications has revealed that it can achieve a high level of transparency and security. The global financial crisis that paved the way for the invention of CryptoCurrency is now on its way to change the whole discourse of finance. It is the right time to think about it and one must investigate thoroughly to find the right option. Celestial Unity provides a systematic formula way for people to get a continued increase in value and payments without volume in the crypto world.

CryptoCurrency has been the center of attention for a while now. However there still is plenty of confusion as to what it is and the credibility of it is often questioned. Aiming to resolve the current challenges in the crypto space, PHX Innovations aims to provide secure, inclusive, innovative, and transparent crypto financial services for users worldwide. PHX Innovations enables users to participate in the crypto market allowing crypto passive income through it in a way that is convenient and seamless. They are providing high-quality assets to the market and promoting the wealth of the whole market for everyone interested.

PHX Innovations has come up with a concept of a commercial banking to be functional for the CryptoCurrency industry while the banking functionalities will run as a traditional bank to provide financial services to the public and business while ensuring economic and social stability and sustainable growth with the economy. With a clear set difference that they will facilitate the cryptocurrency industry as an integrated system. The system will allow users to connect their digital wallets and verify identity with their primary bank account, allowing an easy transaction process between the two and a centralized location for financial needs. The facility is incorporated with traditional loan facilities, debit cards, credit cards, and the system users are used to with a digital facility acceptance. The banking system will allow significant cryptocurrency exchanges to incorporate this service to their customers and the banking system to facilitate their account and financial requirements with a regulated, safe environment. 

The Celestial Unity token’s marketing techniques and budget allocation are within PHX innovation’s power to allocate funding and appropriate marketing. Innovate, Disrupt, and Empower, Transition. Their mission reverberates through their messaging, shifting focus from high churn, costly, and sustainability risks of excessive focus on short term marketing to implementing a new infrastructure of skills, data, technology in an emerging best practices model for effective engagement, turning our user’s success and active participation into their megaphone. Several models are under development to implement and achieve these goals. Readers by now are intrigued to know why celestial unity token over others? Well the answer is simple, it has many benefits:

  • Risk mitigated and Systematic Growth: With Celestial Unity a systematic risk mitigated continuous growth platform has been developed for the community with one mind in mind of the end-users ability to profit. The system is designed between financial methodologies and the cryptocurrency world.
  • Auditable and Transparent: PHX Innovations data is transparent and open to everyone on the platform. All acceptance information is posted on the PHX Innovations website. This means that anyone can freely carry out an audit of PHX Innovations programs and security.
  • Community Driven: PHX Innovations is designed to foster a community of crypto users. They want to empower people to participate more in the crypto market and benefit from it. The goal is to help many communities attain financial freedom through their platform.
  • Celestial Unity Use Token: PHX Innovations has proposed a unique introduction that can be utilized globally across all cryptocurrency platforms. Thus, not only benefiting the broad crypto community but also a global network that can start integrating the systems on a massive scale.

The Celestial ecosystem is a platform designed for continuous rewards paid to its holders in BUSD while increasing rewards weekly without volume depended. Providing security and long term prosperity, the holders get rewarded in 3 different systematic programs of functions which are:

  • Community Stake Pool Program: allows for the self-growth and rewards for the Celestial unity token growth without volume. The program pays 70% to its holders and 30% reinvested back into the stake pool for continued growth. This program pays out weekly in BUSD to all its holders.
  • Celestial Unity Pay Out: allows for the payouts every hour in BUSD to all its holders who hold 10,000 minimum tokens of celestial Unity, this is automatically paid without any need of claiming to be done. The money accumulated for this is form the 3% tax on buys and sells, this program is based on volume.
  • Celestial Unity Individual Staking Program: is designed for customers to stake tokens and increase % of shares in Celestial Unity while still receiving redistribution rewards hourly and weekly. This means that every week there is going to be an increase % in Celestial unity which in turn will be increasing rewards from both hourly and weekly paid.

With all this and much more loading, The Celestial Unity visions to disrupt the way the crypto industry is and combine this new economy with traditional banking methodology. Promoting redistribution, they aim to give every person in the world an equal chance to manage and improve their financial security, to provide security to new investors and a broader range of the market to acquire crypto and being trading through a regulated safe system. 

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