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Hermis Launches Funtivity For Webex To Make A Joyful Meetings

Funtivity by Hermis is a reimagined application that integrates activities, team play, and personalization directly into Webex Meetings.

November 26, 2021 – According to a report, 70% of companies say that they are planning on adopting the hybrid model, and many have already made the switch. Companies today are investing heavily in video conferencing tools like Webex to improve communication, so employees can effectively collaborate with their coworkers. These platforms have a higher engagement rate because of embedded apps that make it easy for people to work remotely. 

Hermis has announced Funtivity is now an embedded app available directly within Webex Meetings. Funtivity is a reimagined application that integrates activities, team play, and personalization directly into Webex to deliver the best experience for team building. Hermis provides everything to keep remote teams happy with an endless array of activities and themed events for remote employees. Funtivity by Hermis is designed to make Webex Meetings more joyful.

In a world where we are increasingly working from home, it’s difficult to find time for socializing with the people you work alongside. The premise behind Hermis is that remote employees need an easy way of connecting and interacting socially. It also helps them get a sense of belonging in their work environment, which can be hard when working from afar or in different time zones. 

With an immersive experience where team members will be able to interact with each other, regardless of where they are located around the world, Funtivity is a game-changer for remote teams. It improves productivity within organizations and is a highly anticipated step in the right direction to make people socially connected. Funtivity has already been used by several Fortune 500 companies and is available as a standalone platform and also as an app in the Zoom Marketplace. 

Funtivity is the way forward for Webex users who want to have fun outside their sessions. With this new Embedded app, Webex users can take a break from the grind and play games with colleagues, making it easy for everyone involved to enjoy while still getting things accomplished efficiently. This new way of experiencing remote work makes collaboration more interesting and less mundane. The possibilities for your business are endless with Hermis.

About Hermis

Founded in 2020 by Madhu Mathihalli (PassageAI, WalmartLabs) and Mohan Gummalam (Facebook, Uber), Hermis is the trusted destination with curated activities designed to increase participation and engagement in virtual events. It is used by leading companies like Google, Splunk, Intel, Cisco, eBay and Okta to help distributed teams stay engaged in the new distributed and remote teams culture. Hermis is headquartered in Saratoga CA.

More information can be found at https://www.herm.is

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Funtivity for Webex Meetings is a great way for employees and teams to stay connected at work. It has activities and events that are designed with remote meetings in mind. Webex has a familiar interface that makes it easy to use. Funtivity takes this to the next level by adding fun elements to Webex. 

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