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“Auto Defi”, a revolutionary decentralized protocol with reward multiplication every 10 minutes

Auto Defi provides some sort of decentralized financial property that rewards its users with a 0.018% increase throughout their assets, just about every 10 minutes. Typically the Auto Defi reward generation is an exceptional protocol that possesses advanced profit-generating. The rewarding protocol of Auto Defi generates and distributes to all its active users a 0.018% reward just about every 10 minutes. Typically the Auto Defi protocol equips with the RFI properties. The protocol is completely focused on working with impressive technologies together with features that others lack. The Auto Defi protocol is specially made to be computerized and efficient.

Auto Defi rebase tokenomics

To complement its price and even rebase rewards, typically the Auto Defi engages a complex set of factors. The set of factors includes the Clock Insurance Fund (CIF), which can act as the insurance fund to be able to ensure the Auto Defi Protocol’s price steadiness and long-term stability by managing a sort of regular 0.018 percent rebase charge paid to every Auto Defi token holder just about every 10 minutes.

Unlike other decentralized tokens, Auto Defi offers risk-free staking. The Auto Defi token is placed safely and securely in the digital wallet. You can buy the token and hold it to achieve automated rewards in the digital wallet. This will help the wallet holder to avoid the tax fees that are added during staking operations.

Auto Defi insurance fund

The Auto Defi insurance fund, created as TIF, has a completely different wallet in the XAP system of Auto Defi. The TIF engages an algorithm that underpins the Rebase Rewards and can be funded by the section of the sell and buy trading service fees collected in the TIF wallet. To ensure that the interest rate of Auto Defi token holders stays high and stable, the TIF parameter backs the rebase rewards at the rate of 0.018 percent every 10 minutes.

– The use of rebase strategy to ensure price stability.

– Maintain a constant growth level to ensure long-term growth.

Auto Defi Treasury

The Treasury is important to maintain the growth and long-term viability of Auto Defi, also it is necessary for Auto Defi CAP protocol. Well, the Treasury offers additional support to Auto Defi tokens, whenever it suffers any dramatic price fall. The Treasury has contributed to the establishment of the floor price for the Auto Defi token.

The Burning Pit

The Burning Pit consumes 1.0 percent of all Auto Defi trading. This means that the more you trade, the more it is added to the burning pit through Auto-Compounding grows the size of the burning pit larger, and allows the Auto Defi protocol to stay stable.

APY formulation for Auto Defi

The Auto Defi protocol follows a simple formulation of daily-interest compounding. In this formulation, ‘A’ is determined as the future value of your investment, ‘P’ is known as the principal investment, ‘r’ is used for the interest rate in decimals, ‘n’ is the number of times the interest is compounded, and ‘t’ is the complete time period of your investment.

For example – there are 365 days in a year, but let’s take 360 days a year that will have 30 days every month or 90 days per quarter. Now, if the holder invests $1000 in the Auto Defi token for 1 year with the compounding of 0.018 every 10 minutes then after one year the holder will have $7,944,670 Auto Defi after one year of investment.

Vision and Mission

The way our unique protocol offers advanced profit-making can revolutionize the reward-generating mechanism. The Auto Defi is the future that can replace the traditional staking system. Our main aim is to automate the staking and offer protocol with a reward every 10 minutes in the crypto space.

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