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Hodl4Gold (H4G) Announces DeFi Platform Launch, Weekly Product Rollout To Follow

H4G investors will receive a 50% discount in buy tax for the week leading up to the platform launch.

Austin, Texas – April 07, 2022 – Hodl4Gold, a 13% BUSD rewards token on the BSC Network, celebrates its three month anniversary with the announcement of its upcoming all-in-one DeFi platform, slated to debut April 13th, 2022. News of the pending release of H4G’s keystone project saw a recent surge in trading, with the token gaining +250% in value over the past month.

Hodl4Gold announces DeFi platform launch, with two months of weekly product drops to follow.

As previewed on, the unnamed platform will feature a visual rebrand optimized to simplify the DeFi experience, providing the essential tools for users to manage, analyze, and use their crypto, with special support for tokenomics. The streamlined app will allow users to manage their portfolio with an integrated dashboard of useful features including: Charts & Analytics, a mystery “superpowered” Wallet, expanded Rewards & Staking for multiple tokens, as well as updated versions of H4G’s popular Lotto and NFT marketplace – with many more dapps in development, to be revealed in coming weeks. Combining an advanced suite of trading and research tools with a full ecosystem of DeFi products, the all-in-one platform will also serve as home to the bespoke multi-chain DEX & Launchpad releasing later this year. A beta version of the platform launches next week on April 13th, with a full slate of new product releases to be added over the next two months.

As the first stablecoin rewards token with multiple utilities at launch, H4G continues its unorthodox approach to growth, with an aggressive roadmap to market that prioritizes utility over hype – with the team citing the oft-deferred promises of flashy memecoins as inspiration for their own contrary ethos. H4G is now furthering its rapid expansion with new talent acquisition, with rumors of a partnership with an unnamed Web3 firm set to triple H4G’s in-house dev team.

Since its January 5th ICO, Hod4Gold has seen impressive growth by all metrics and milestones, reaching a high of $20 million in market cap and drawing attention in the reflection space for its style of business – most notably with the acquisition of a rival token, bailing out thousands of investors in a now-defunct crypto hedge fund project gone awry. This focus on investor goodwill has been reflected in H4G’s unusually high holder retention rate of 75%, with over 90% of current holders having never sold a single coin. With a tokenomics structure that returns 13% BUSD for simply holding, H4G “hodlers” enjoy high-yield passive income, with over $1.36 million in rewards and airdrops distributed to its 5000+ investors in just 90 days of trading. 

To celebrate their Q1 success, and in anticipation of next week’s platform debut, H4G has reduced its buy tax to 10% for a limited time, while increasing token burn rate by a factor of 5x. The promotional period begins April 6th with a 50% discount for 7 days leading up to launch.

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