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Lit Apothecary Produces Small Batch, Hand-made Candles and Aromatherapy Items

Lit Apothecary creates scented and novelty candles along with room sprays and other deodorizers on a small batch scale.

Situated in Florida, Lit Apothecary is an aromatherapy business. In addition to candles and scents, the company also deals with room fresheners and deodorizers. The main products are scented candles, decorative candles, room sprays, steam sprays, and odor neutralizers.  

Lit Apothecary is a small batch business, producing limited quantities of candles and sprays for consumers. They also offer made to order options, creating customized orders for certain items in their collection.  

Lit Apothecary merely began as a candle making hobby. The owner continued making candles until eventually it grew into a small business. Each candle is uniquely designed and hand poured.  

The primary focus of Lit Apothecary are the candles. These are divided into several collections. The standard collection contains scented candles such as Cranberry Bliss, Mint and Basil, and Berry Sangria. All the candles have been handmade and poured.  

There are also seasonal candles for Christmas and Valentines Days. They are several options for each of these lines but they do contain familiar bases such as peppermint, cinnamon, and other spices. There are humorous lines as well as those with adult themes.   

One of the more novel elements of Lit Apothecary is the decorative candles. These are topped with specific wax features, dependent upon the theme of the candle. They include but aren’t limited to Mardi Gras, birthdays, Christmas, and even adult-themed features.  

The scent of the candles have been designed to match the theme of the artistic features. For instance, the Mardi Gras candle smells like King cake with masks and beads on the top of the candle. The Tipsy Rose features rose buds and has notes of flowers and wine.  

Many of the decorative or topper candles are unique to one another, with no two candles looking alike. As a result, every customer gets an entirely unusual candle, simply with a shared theme. There is a limit on the number of candles produced for each decorative topper line.  

Despite the festive themes, the candles are available all year round. Thus, their scents can be enjoyed out of season as well.  

The Golden collection is so named for the Golden Girls – each candle is named and based off of a character. The Sophie candle smells like marinara sauce and is topped off by wax meatballs and shredded cheese. The Dorothy candle holds the scent of Italian biscotti, the Blanche candle is water lilies, and the Rose candle is brown sugar molasses.  

There is also a Cheesecake with the Girls candle that smells like cheesecake. All of the candles in the Golden collection double as decorative candles. They are each topped by a feature that was unique to the characters. There is also a favorite memory inscribed on the back of each container.  

As the owner of Lit Apothecary notes, “each candle is handmade, ensuring care, customization, and attention to detail is maintained in every jar.” 

The candle holders are unique to the line and collection. Some are more rustic for decorative purposes while others have an aesthetic that is similar to their theme.  

The second line in the Lit Apothecary collection is the room sprays. These acts as air fresheners. There is the standard fare such as Cranberry Bliss and Sunburst. There are also more unique options such as fresh linen-scented spray and Alluring Aroma spray.  

The shower steamers are aromatherapy that are activated by water. They release a light aroma for the duration of the shower. Some of the shower steamers are a combination of scents, simply to improve the surrounding aroma.  

There are also Focus, Head Relief, and Relax shower steamers. These consist of specifically selected scents designed to elicit a calming response.  

The final line in the Lit Apothecary collection is the odor neutralizers. These vary by function in the household. Some are task specific – neutralizing the odors of pets. Most of these work by being sprinkled into the carpet but have an impact on the entire environment around that area.  

Despite being neutralizers, each of these products are equipped with a unique combination of scents that work to refresh the surrounding space.  

Lit Apothecary traditionally deals with small batches for each line and collection. There are a limited number of options that are available at any point. Larger batches can be requested, with these often being made to order and allowing for certain customizations.  

Currently, the candles can be ordered off the Lit Apothecary website. It is also possible to contact the owner via social media, via their Facebook page. 

About Lit Apothecary  

Lit Apothecary is a small business that specializes in aromatherapy products. They offer hand poured candles as well as handcrafted room sprays, shower steamers, and more. The goal of the company is to offer candles and items that are pleasing to all the senses.

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