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The Biggest Hip-hop Music Label Debuts in Germany

OG Records is giving German artists a launching pad to shoot for fame and stardom with its innovative operations.

The thriving German hip-hop scene is getting a huge boost. OG Records GmbH has launched in Berlin with the aim of being Germany’s biggest music label. It plans to achieve this through the use of innovative technology and exemplary services.

The music label is already equipped with state-of-the-art technology that enables the smooth production of timeless music for end consumers. Its in-house technology also enables the fast dissemination of music content and formats to its huge network of music platforms and streaming service providers.

OG Records is particularly devoted to the success of artists under its label while still respecting their independence. The music label production company has made it its mission to support their artists and labels in the areas of career and development. Its strong relationship with its many key partners like producers and social media influencers is also geared toward giving its artists increased visibility, careers, and income in the marketplace. 

As the label puts it, “We have made it our mission to support our artists and labels in the best possible way. We attach great importance to respectful, fair and transparent cooperation by accommodating the needs of all artists and labels equally. We develop tailor-made marketing strategies to make the finished music accessible to the widest possible audience, to open up new target groups and to inspire fans. We are in cooperation with Impulse Records in Norderstedt with Mehrzad Marashi and RXON MUSIC in berlin with Eric Wolff and the teams there.”

OG Records is particularly versed in the area of marketing and competence. Before the forming of the label, the big team behind it has had more than 10 years of experience developing sales and marketing solutions for independent labels and artists all over the world. This wealth of expertise, network, and knowledge that the label is confident will make it stand out from the many other record labels operating on the German music scene.

OG Records is founded by Oezguen Goecer, a music manager of over 13 years that has worked with famous musicians, DJs, and music groups. He’s introducing one of the biggest changes on the German music market, combining his network and profession in technology with the best producers and studio locations in Europe. For his artists – major labels are superfluous. The 

Label currently operates with two studios in Berlin (RXON MUSIC) and Hamburg (Impulse Records), managed by his partners Mehrzad Marashi and Eric Wolff.  However, plans are underway to locate two more studios in Ibiza and Saint Tropez.

The music label Impulse Records was founded in 2011 by Mehrzad Marashi.


A successful company requires more than just hiring experienced employees from the industry.

It needs people with visions, people who don’t just see their work as a job but do their jobs with full dedication and out of love for the music. 

Because at Impulse, the customer is part of the family! Only with the right sensitivity and passion create timeless art.

Mehrzad has already had a very successful career himself. He spent 12 weeks alone at the top of the German pop charts. In addition, he was a permanent guest on radio and television. Impulse Records has come to stay to realize the dreams and wishes of the artists with their vision. The studio is the first place to go for musicians from different genres in terms of quality and professional recording. Their reputation precedes them, so it’s no wonder that all artists find their way to Impulse Records through recommendations, whether it’s Samra or Luciano, R&B artists like Moe Phoenix, or pop singers like Graham Candy.

The list is too long to name all artists. Currently, the house producers of Impulse Records are: Chris Jarbee, Young Ares, Beatsmoe, 96beats.

Songwriters are also part of the Impulse Records team, and a gifted videographer who belongs to the permanent Impulse team. 

“With these arguments and the countless releases, how could anyone still ask themselves why Impulse?”

Then the answer is because the artists feel nowhere more at home, and their given trust is in good hands here, from singer to the manager to label CEO. 

With over two decades of experience in the music industry, Mehrzad Marashi is in the best position to advise his artists and accompany them on their way.


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