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China Sourcing Agent Company Vs Factory Direct

Which is better for your company? Should you hire a China sourcing agent or deal directly with the factory?

If you do a Google search for manufacturing companies in China you will find lots of manufacturers with beautiful websites. On the surface, it seems pretty simple. Just pick one of the options and you have it made!

On the other hand, if you hire a China sourcing agent company you will have to pay them. If you deal directly with the factory, you can save a lot of money, right?

So, what exactly does a sourcing agent do? How can they justify charging for services when there are so many so-called “good” options online?

Here’s the reality of manufacturing products in China:

1. Not everyone speaks fluent English… in a lot of cases, they don’t speak any English at all.2. When you are thousands of miles away, how will you know if the China manufacturing company is actually doing what you want? Are they perfectly clear on the instructions you sent them? In most cases, there will need to be some back and forth to get clear on what you want. How do you do that when you are not physically present?3. There are many types of manufacturers. Each factory has a specialization. How will you know what they are capable of doing? Will they just want to take your money and “figure it out later”?4. Once the product is made, there are many hoops to jump through to get past the shipping agents, customs clearances and international laws. Who will manage that for you?

“You don’t really know who you are dealing with unless you are physically in China, speak fluent Chinese and are totally familiar with the culture,” says Roger Budhrani of Arcadia Sourcing.

This is the biggest benefit of hiring a China sourcing agent company. A sourcing agent physically represents your interests in China. If you choose a professional sourcing company you will get a better price on the manufacturing, and a better quality product that is delivered on time.

Based in Hong Kong, Roger has been running Arcadia Sourcing, a China sourcing agent company for over 30 years. He says “it is critical to match the right supplier or manufacturer with the specific requirements of the client”.

Professional sourcing agent companies have several sourcing agents, engineers, product specialists, shipping specialists and more. The right sourcing agency can manage your project from start to finish. You get regular progress reports and a quality product delivered every time.

A full-service sourcing agent company in China, located near the factory where your product is being manufactured can save time, money and aguish.

Who needs a sourcing agent in China?* People who have no experience in importing* People who have multiple product categories to deal with* Large retailers and supermarkets* People who deal in specialized product categories* People who want to pay less and get a better quality product, consistently.

Roger and his staff at Arcadia Sourcing are fluent in both Mandarin and Cantonese. They have the connections to develop an idea from design, to production, negotiate prices, monitor and manage the whole process right up to delivery.

As a professional sourcing agent in China with several offices throughout the country, Roger and his team personally know hundreds of manufacturing companies, their specializations and the resources they can bring to the table.

With this experience, Arcadia Sourcing is able to match your company’s needs to exactly the right China manufacturing company and manage the entire process as if you were managing it yourself.

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