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Davis Tree Service Experts Helps Client Spend Less Money on Emergency Tree Removal


Davis, California – On Friday night – at around 8 pm – Davis Tree Service Experts received a phone call from a homeowner who needed the emergency tree removal service. The homeowner – Butcher Ethan – noted that his tree was showing signs of falling. 


When Davis Tree Service Experts arrived on Butcher Ethan’s landscape 30 minutes later, they decided to improve the tree’s safety and then come back the following morning to remove it. The company’s chief of field operations noted that removing the tree during normal work hours would help the homeowner save money. 

“The black tupelo tree has always had an abnormal lean,” said Butcher Ethan. “However, after a series of storms and heavy rains last week, the tree’s stability reduced significantly. Yesterday at around 7:45 pm, the family realized that the tree was about to fall. Everyone knew that the tree had to be removed immediately to keep it from landing on the house roof and causing expensive damages.” 

After being a regular customer of Davis Tree Service Experts for more than 10 years, Butcher Ethan knew that the company offered emergency tree services in Davis on a 24/7 basis. Pulling out his phone at 8 pm, the homeowner called the company’s office and got a response immediately. The company promised to arrive on his landscape in less than 30 minutes. 

“The company’s emergency tree service team was at the gate at around 8:27 pm,” said Ethan. “They had brought modern tree service tools to make the tree removal procedure less complicated and safer for the house.” 

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After inspecting Ethan’s black tupelo, Davis Tree Service Experts realized that the tree could be stabilized. This would keep the tree in the same position throughout the night. 

“When emergency tree removal happens in the middle of the night,” said the Davis Tree Service Experts CEO, “homeowners often pay much more compared to when tree removal is conducted during normal work hours. The slightly higher price is often made necessary by the inconveniences the company’s team of tree cutting professionals in Davis has to deal with. For example, the team has to forego their sleep and work in the cold to handle tree removal at night. To ensure Ethan did not spend huge sums of money on the black tupelo, the team used cabling on the tree and returned the following morning (Saturday) to remove the tree.” 

Ethan noted that since his family was going through a financially hard time, he was welcoming any idea that would help him save money. When Davis Tree Service Experts suggested stabilizing the tree, the homeowner was very receptive to the idea.

“Davis Tree Service Experts has been offering professional tree services in Davis for the past 25 years,” said Butcher Ethan. “The family knew that the company had enough experience to separate an immediate risk and a risk that could wait for an extra 10 to 15 hours. The company used very effective cabling mechanisms to keep the black tupelo’s lean from increasing further.” 

Davis Tree Service Experts reportedly left its modern tree service tools on Ethan’s landscape. The following morning, the company arrived at around 7 am to initiate the tree removal procedure. Using its crane to control the tree’s falling direction, Davis Tree Service Experts kept the black tupelo from landing on Ethan’s roof as its team worked on cutting the trunk. 

“When the family finally got the quotation after the procedure,” said Butcher Ethan, “everyone was impressed with how cheap the entire procedure had turned out to be. Even though the family was on a tight budget, financing the procedure was easy.” 

Davis Tree Service Experts schedules tree maintenance procedures from its base at 638 Cantrill Dr, Davis, CA 95618, United States. The company, however, can be contacted via +1 530-325-5401 and [email protected]

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