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Mileseey Launches TNV10 Thermal Monocular, Bringing More Possibilities to Outdoor Life

Mileseey Technology, the world’s leading laser measurement tool company, has launched its new flagship product on Kickstarter – the world’s first thermal imaging monocular with the rangefinder. The TNV10 thermal monocular turns the traditional look and functionality on its head with the addition of 5 hot modes, powerful extensions and video output, AL-Mg Alloy housing, 256*192 resolution, Over 16H lifetime, IP65, -22 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, so you won’t miss a detail during nighttime outdoor activities.

Traditional thermal monoculars only have two hot modes, black hot and white hot mode. Mileseey company has developed Red Hot, Iron Red, and Green Hot modes on top of that, suitable for more different scenarios and making outdoor monitoring less boring.

Are you worried about its performance in harsh environments? Mileseey TNV10 can work normally at -22 degrees Fahrenheit, with an IP65 waterproof rating and a long battery life of 4500mAh, giving hunters more confidence to capture more prey. It makes an outdoor adventure, search and rescue, and other work safer and more efficient.

The TNV10 thermal monocular with 256*192 infrared detector, 12μm ultra-small pixel size, NETD <40MK, sensitive and delicate perception of thermal images, and through the unique DDE image enhancement technology, as well as brightness, contrast intelligent adaptation to the environment, can show more details of the target and the environment. 

Want to save some exciting moments? Once the device is connected to the computer via the usb cable, long press the button to turn the device on. At this point, the device is used as a mobile storage device. The computer automatically recognizes the device and can read files from the device’s memory card directly through the computer. It supports 4K AV/HDMI input/output, and stereo audio output (via earphone).

You can also use it to measure distance. The device can be connected to an external laser distance measurement module (optional) for distance measurement function. When the device is connected to the range module via USB cable, turn on the power of the laser range module, a cross cursor will be displayed on the device screen, point the cursor at the target, press and hold the “Zoom” button for 1 second to measure the distance, and the target distance will be displayed on the screen. The measuring distance can be up to 1200 meters.

It also features a hotspot track. When the device is turned on, the hotspot tracking feature is automatically enabled in the 1X (Electronic Zoom is 4X maximum) state. The hotspot icon is displayed on the screen to track the highest temperature point in the image in real-time.

It can also be connected to an external display. There is a 1/4″ tripod connector on the bottom of the device that can be connected to a handheld screen mount (optional). After connecting the device to an external screen via a mini HDMI cable, you can view the device’s image directly on the external screen. 

This Compact Thermal Monocular fits in one hand and is easily manipulated, giving the user versatility and easy access to the menu.

TNV10 Thermal Monocular signed up on the world’s largest crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, and has officially launched to the global market.

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