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Story-Based Online Quiz TruSpark Helps Teens Explore the Right Careers Based on Their Core Motivations

Making 60 years of proven SIMA (System for Identifying Motivated Abilities) science accessible for teens with a fun, interactive app.

Choosing what career to pursue can be confusing and overwhelming, especially for young people who are still figuring out who they are. Common advice is to choose a career based on strengths or interests. But, in fact, strengths and interests can and do change over time and are emerging along the way.

So if strengths and interests are not the best determinants of one’s career path, then what is? If there is one thing that remains consistent over a person’s lifetime – from adolescence to adulthood – it is their Core Motivations. And this permanence is why TruSpark made it its mission to help young people discover their Core Motivations so they can choose the right career for them. “It’s been such a rewarding role to guide professionals out of mismatched careers into ones where their superpowers can shine! We wanted to bring this clarity to younger people so they can avoid making educational and career missteps,” said their team.

TruSpark wants teens to have direction for the question, “What job will make me happy?” So they created the TruSpark motivations quiz and curriculum to help teenagers identify and capitalize on their Core Motivations. This quiz is based on 60 years of proven SIMA (System for Identifying Motivated Abilities) science, which provides deep insights about people’s individual motivations.

They found that when people are operating in tune with their Core Motivations, they show up as their best selves, doing their best work. These inner drives tell a lot about what makes people come alive and what gives them satisfaction – which is the secret to exploring and finding the right career.

But the best thing about TruSpark is that it shows teens how these motivations align with higher education choices and career planning. 19 Core Motivations have been mapped to the O*NET database, an interactive online tool where hundreds of job descriptions can be found. The site describes the skills required, salary information, future outlook, and educational requirements for over 900 different careers – making it the perfect resource for job seekers and students to explore career options.

For a more age-appropriate experience, students completing TruSpark are directed to use the O*NET derivative called MyNextMove, which helps a younger audience navigate and use the power of this information.

Armed with newfound knowledge of their core motivations and a list of up to 30 careers that match these intrinsic motivations, TruSpark equips teens for a journey of career exploration. Try a free DIY career exploration worksheet here.

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About TruSpark

TruSpark is a story-based online quiz or assessment for mid- and early-teens that reveals the intrinsic drives which propel their likes and dislikes. The TruSpark mission is to help young people understand and embrace their unique motivations so both their personal and work lives are more fulfilling.

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