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Tree Service Pros Fair Oaks Safely Removes a Tree Standing 4 Feet from Client’s House


Fair Oaks, California – When Brent Page decided to let go of her cottonwood tree, Tree Service Pros Fair Oaks seemed like the best company to work with. After doing her research online, the homeowner realized the company had a large number of positive reviews. 


Brent Page did not regret her decision to hire the company’s Fair Oaks tree removal team. Despite the large tree standing just 4 feet from her house, the team removed the tree without touching her house or causing any kind of damage. The company also helped her cut back her crepe myrtle trees which were growing out of control. 

Speaking after the tree removal procedure, Brent Page had the following to say, “Tree Service Pros Fair Oaks team showed up right on time to take care of the trees. They had to remove a large cottonwood that was 4 feet from the house. After removing the tree, they ground its stump and roots.”

“The ground is now flat and in a couple of months, laying sod in the area will be possible,” added Brent. “The team also had to work on 2 overgrown crepe myrtles that they cut back a great deal. The team was very nice and helped with cleanup after completing the procedures.”

Tree Service Pros Fair Oaks is reportedly a company that completes all types of tree care procedures in Fair Oaks safely. This report was supported by the company’s CEO when reporters contacted him for a comment on Brent Page’s project. 

To see how Tree Service Pros Fair Oaks handles complicated tree maintenance procedures, visit the company’s official website:

“Tree Service Pros Fair Oaks is more than just a top-rated tree removal company in Fair Oaks,” said the company’s CEO. “The company also handles stump removals and has a Fair Oaks tree trimming team that improves the aesthetic appeal of different types of trees.” 

“Irrespective of the tree maintenance procedure the teams are handling,” added the CEO, “safety always comes first. For example, using modern tree service tools and years of experience, the Fair Oaks tree removal team removed Brent Page’s tree without harming her house. The team later removed the tree stump to improve safety and trimmed her crepe myrtles to ensure they are adding value to her property.” 

According to the Tree Service Pros Fair Oaks CEO, tree trimming is one of the most ignored professional tree services in Fair Oaks. The CEO noted that his chief of field operations had to suggest the tree care procedure to Brent Page when he realized her trees were too overgrown. 

“When Brent Page called the booking office,” said the Tree Service Pros Fair Oaks CEO, “her request only involved tree removal. She knew her cottonwood needed to go because it was already showing signs of internal decay. The tree had been dead for about 3 months.”

“The homeowner, however, did not have any plans of trimming her trees,” added the CEO. “She thought just because the trees were green and did not show any signs of being safety risks, they did not need any tree maintenance procedure. The chief of field operations had to explain to her the negative impacts of ignoring tree trimming for a prolonged period.” 

When reporters contacted Brent Page for a comment, she told them that she hasn’t always been a big fan of regular tree maintenance. However, the improvements she noticed on her crape myrtles after the tree trimming procedure changed her mind. Brent Page is reportedly planning to start investing in annual tree trimming.

“Tree Service Pros Fair Oaks worked so efficiently to ensure the benefits of tree trimming were visible to every eye that looked at the trees,” said Brent Page. “They made the crape myrtles more aesthetically appealing. They also removed overcrowding on the tree crown, improving the view of the surroundings.”

Tree Service Pros Fair Oaks operates from its base at 4790 Dewey Dr, Fair Oaks, CA 95628, United States. Customers can order tree service procedures while relaxing at home by calling +1 916-536-7962 or sending an email to [email protected]

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