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Veronica Weffer, a Venezuelan Traveling YouTuber Inspires her Subscribers to Follow their Dreams

Veronica Weffer is a Venezuelan YouTuber and model committed to traveling the world and sharing her experiences with thousands of her devoted fans and followers.

Verónica Weffer is a travel journalist who motivates her subscribers and followers to travel, learn about new cultures and live exciting experiences. Through her Youtube channel “Viajando con Vero” every Sunday she publishes a new video exploring amazing destinations, promoting traditions, gastronomy, attractive places, and providing all the information about prices and tips of each place.

Veronica Weffer’s story began with a burning passion for travel and a strong desire to visit as many places as the world has to offer. The YouTuber began in her homeland, promoting the most attractive places in Venezuela, such as the spectacular Los Roques Archipelago. Then she crossed its borders and traveled to countries in South America and Europe.

In record time her community of travelers grew and since then she has not stopped traveling all continents, committed to providing her followers with excellent content. Veronica Weffer takes her viewers to exotic places such as the Maldives, Thailand, Dubai, movie destinations in Africa, and many more places full of fascinating cultures such as Australia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Croatia, Greece, and other countries around the world. 

Veronica had said that Thailand was her “dream country” and that she was in awe of its beaches, nightlife, and natural beauty. Weffer uploaded a video of her trip to Phuket on February 28, 2022, on her YouTube channel, exploring the beautiful beaches, mingling with the locals, and enjoying her stay at some of Phuket’s most beautiful hotels.

Merely a couple of weeks before her Phuket video upload, Veronica went to Madrid, the capital city of Spain. After a brief introduction to the city, the young YouTuber highlighted the best venues and places tourists must visit. 

From alley bars, and popular cafes, to the most distinguished restaurants and nightlife clubs, Veronica enjoyed Spain’s finest lagers, and craft coffee and sampled the widely acclaimed Madrid cuisine.

In her trip through the Caribbean, Veronica visited the islands of Sint Maarten, Curacao, Aruba, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic, she assures that the latter was an exquisite adventure, and according to her, she was surprised on multiple occasions by its historical landmarks and otherworldly landscapes.

“When I thought of the Dominican Republic, everything was music, fun, beaches, but what I didn’t know was that Santo Domingo is one of the most storied cities on the continent, and it was also the first city in the new world.”

Veronica Weffer’s travel videos are quickly gaining popularity. She currently has more than two million followers on her social networks, and with each post, her community grows larger.

More information about Veronica Weffer is available on her official Instagram page.

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